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Eye to Eye – Self Image. Friends

As I finished an image for My Face My Art a cruel voice in my head reminded me that I’m worthless. My gut felt heavy. I wanted to curl in the fetal position and face the wall with my back to everything; anything that might be damaged by my existence. If this feeling could be weighed, […]

Major Depression The People Behind My Eyes

What do I look like?

I’m a little slow in thought and somewhat medicated. A few years ago one of my alters suggested we take a photograph of ourselves each month. She said to do it on the 17th and that’s exactly what we’ve done. It’s to give us a clearer view of ourselves, to break from old negative messages. […]

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Can I grow like this? Are my roots deep enough?

Subject: PTSD from chronic illness, suicide comments, shame, on the upturn, not feeling positive I wonder if it’s possible for a patient to have PTSD after going through several physical pain experiences? This chronic illness torture makes me want to slice myself from navel to nose and and climb right out of your skin because my mind just can’t […]

Life is like a box of The People Behind My Eyes

What? Argh! I’m just here to shop

I was at the store and a lady asked me what was wrong. I told her I have Lupus. She kept ringing me up. I was wearing headphones which is a clue that I don’t want to talk, but it didn’t work that way. Cashier – Did you break your back? Me. I have Lupus […]

Life is like a box of PTSD The People Behind My Eyes Therapy Review

The sky did not fall

I had a dream about a woman I used to know, someone I traded a whole lot to be with. That was 9  years of strangeness and emotions so strong that each touch was like being bashed with a brick. Well, in the dream she’d lost her mind. She had an 80’s hair cut like […]

Chronic Pain Lupus The People Behind My Eyes Therapy Review

I remember this woman with a twinkle in her eyes

I remember she was resigned to living but not dedicated to it. This Faith had a better attitude about her situation than I have. She was willing to look past the imperfections of others and willing to be wrong if it meant the other person had time to cool down. Though her body was failing […]