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More On Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

I’m concerned because there’s a reaction to the vaccine that scares me, thrombocytopenia. This concerns me because I’ve had it and nearly didn’t make it. My platelets dropped from 250 thousand to 16 thousand. The Hematologist said it was a total nightmare for him but that my bone marrow was working 3x its normal rate […]

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Hugging Dreams. Wheelchair Companions.

For several nights in a row I’ve had a dream about getting hugs from some beautiful black man. I know, right! The thing is, since I haven’t had a real hug since March the dream hugs have been nice and healing. In one dream he hugged me and held on. It was great and so […]

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Therapy Review – Depression and Prolonged Isolation

I told Dr D that I struggle to keep from resenting people who won’t keep good COVID-19 practices. I’ve been isolating for so long that it’s starting to wear on me. Seeing people go without a mask and go about like nothing is wrong, make it harder on the rest of us who are trying […]

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When Doctors Fight

The surgeon wants to do the ablation without stopping the blood thinner Arixtra aka Fondaparinux. My Hematologist laughed out loud and said, “No!” This is a rather strong blood thinner and the possibility of bleeding is way too high. My Hematologist says I should not ever have surgery without it going through his office first […]

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Tests and Remodeling

I spent a good long time at the hospital getting test after test. They checked my heart to see if its strong enough for surgery. In 2018 my heart could only pump down to my legs but not back up. It’s doing so much better and I’m safe for Friday’s procedure. They did heart test […]

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My coronavirus test came back negative. I’m relieved. I’ll have to take a second one just for the upcoming surgery but that is routine only.

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Another COVID-19 Scare

I’ll be getting tested for the first time ever tomorrow. I’m nervous but I’m also very, very exhausted. I can’t breathe very well. My lungs are burning. I can’t wheel myself about. My words have been slurred. I’m hungry but I’m too dag on tired to eat. My blood pressure has been so low that it’s […]