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“I have a unique hobby of collecting life-threatening illness”

The short video about Scott Hamilton’s 3rd brain tumor is a very inspiring one . There’s one line in it that is so validating for me. First, I’m one who automatically thinks people aren’t going to believe that I could possibly have all this wrong with one body. Despite the open, raw blogging for years of […]

Anxiety Chronic Pain I'm only human Lupus The People Behind My Eyes

Safety Plan for Chronic Pain 1

This entry sparking from a comment on the entry Managing My Raynaud’s Symptoms. The purple ribbon is a symbol for Lupus so I tend to refer kits and such as a purple kit or purple pack. Orange is the ribbon for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. For years I’ve been treated for chronic pain as well as the depression […]

Anxiety I'm only human Lupus The People Behind My Eyes

Safety Plan for Chronic Pain 2

Part Two Gradual Pain Increase This pain is different and it’s going to last for awhile and I know it. Immediately I’m angry because I’m about to hit a 9 and stay for a long time, hours to days. It’s going to be a very long time. This safety plan is a bit different. For […]

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Cold with Kitty. Diagnosis Shuffle.

I guess it was inevitable. I showed up to the hospital, a building full of sick people, and caught some sort of bug. I’m hanging out at home with the cat. Jane sits and watches TV. I want to tell her, “don’t sit so close, it’ll destroy your eyes”. Besides, I can’t see around her […]

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Grateful for the Americans with Disabilities Act

I went to the store today and got the things I attempted to get yesterday. It wasn’t an easy day because my pain levels rose so fast that I was in big trouble. I stopped and tried to go through the steps to help myself not panic. When your pain level rises panic can take […]

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Physical Therapy Switch Up

I still got the WWE Smackdown headlock treatment but this time she put a pillow between her body and mine. It worked out well. Since she has a great since of humor. I shared with her the unpleasantness of having a breast in the ear. Some may disagree but it isn’t my idea of a […]

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The two of us and the standard sympathies plan

Jane remains relatively healthy. She’s 15 but she still loves catnip and paper. She is so funny chasing imaginary things. Her favorite toy is a green fish that she got about 2 years ago. She’s got a decent amount of toys but I only leave a few out at a time to mix it up […]

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PT – Neurological Dysregulation Syndrome

One person’s physical therapy is another person’s torture technique. PT Black says my neurological system is all out of whack and that it responds to pain even when there isn’t sufficient pressure applied. Yeah, I know that. So, she said she wanted to try something she called ‘sensitizing’. It’s essentially what we do in psychotherapy where […]

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Art Easel for the Mobility Impaired

I saw this art easel and on Amazon and put it on my wish list. I’d been thinking about it because some stuff is getting harder to accomplish in bed, and not just art. So, I put it on the list and swore to myself that the next time I make a sale I’d purchase […]

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Invisible Even to Me

When I look at myself in the mirror the illnesses are invisible even to me, that is until I wince. If I stand there fully clothed with socks and shoes, I can’t see it. I take off my socks and there’s the first sign of trouble. Hammer toes, flat feet, I still can’t see that […]