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Big Brown Eyes

She’s just a little thing at 14 inches but she’s got big brown eyes full of hope and a sweet little smile. I let her eyes, smile and hair do all the talking for this doll. Her hair is really long and soft. Her lips are soft and pink and turned up just a little […]

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One of my recent goals was to finish projects I started. I know where I was going with each piece when I stopped working on them so I just picked up where I left off. More completed work is to come. Faith

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I Don’t Know What’s Wrong With Me

I’ve done what I’m supposed to do, that should feel good. I don’t feel good. I’m still creating. Some get finished, other’s lack substance and I lose interest. Today I made a third doll for donations (pics eventually) and a hat for myself. Right in the middle of studying I had a full blown panic […]

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You have so much love to give, that’s what makes you special.

I have a little one who was born in a small division of Indiana called Rosedale Hills. She was born in a home where art, music, love and laughter fill the rooms. The scent of joy is roses. The feel of care is as smooth as cream as its poured into what will become sweet […]

African-American Rag Doll Art Originals Rag Doll

Madison Ann the African Americana Folk Doll

Ah, I got it. I finished her. I went to Wally World yesterday and looked for a yellow ribbon but I couldn’t find one. Despite sewing a doll by hand, painting her entire body, painting her face and sewing in yarn for hair, I can’t make a bow. It’s sad but true, I can’t make […]

African-American Rag Doll Originals

Rose Marie African American Rag Doll

Finished and ready for her new life in Southern Indiana. This is Rose Marie, a hand stitched, hand painted, ornamental rag doll. She’s about 12 inches from head to toe and wears little white undies and little black shoes. Rose Marie is a doll that is soft to the touch and has very wavy brown […]

African-American Rag Doll Originals

Black Raggedy Ann Doll

Black folk art is some of my favorite art. It touches something in me deeply that is difficult to explain. This is a Black Raggedy Ann doll named Madison Ann. I can’t say she’s finished because I keep thinking I want to add one ribbon to her hair. I know someone else who has done […]

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Art Title: Slaw Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches Media: Watercolor, ink Finish: signed, dated, heat sealed, unmounted Style: Outsider Art, Surreal I think my friend Angie got me started on watercolor pens. I’m happy she did. I all but ruined my first set but have since acquired a new set […]

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The Little More Girl

I finished her! Yay! She looks a lot different from the last post. What a difference a few hours can make. The Little More Girl has more hope and more ways to grow than she ever realized. I think part of my happy clap is the frog green dress she’s wearing. I also do a […]

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Gloria and Éponine

When I painted little Gloria I was thinking about the production Les Miserable, about Éponine specifically. That character touches me. She loves intensely but quietly. She needs to be recognized yet she is always in the shadows. She has mastered her environment but her heart has been shielded from decay. She’s rough and fragile, equally. […]