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I feel like

i feel like walking away, only i hate that no matter where i go, there i am. i feel like closing down this journal i’ve had for ages because i don’t care anymore. i’m not going to, i just feel like i want to. i feel like i don’t want to try. like i want […]

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Visions and Voices. Fearlessness and Courage.

If I were there with you today I’d be the girl in the family section vomiting. Hypocrisy turns my stomach, especially when I’m asked to swallow it with a shot of lies. Visions In these last few days I’ve checked up on you to see how you are doing. Not once has anyone asked how […]

Abuse PTSD Siblings abused The People Behind My Eyes

Three Faces Plus One More

When everything went to ‘hell’ in a hand basket I didn’t panic, I didn’t start screaming and crying. Three people have died unexpectedly in the last week but during the chaos, the conversations back and forth, arrangements, I spoke with my normal voice. My family knows not to expect me at the memorial. They don’t have […]

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Multiple Personality Disorder and Life Changes

I’m dissociating my head off. Some of us seem detached from the scope of the tragedy. My mother, my aunt, my brother…… all of that has to be filtered through to many people inside my head. There are moments when I feel okay. I’m able to laugh, to go get a cup of tea but seconds […]