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Positive Doctors

My Oncologist /Hematologist is such a positive doctor. Today he again told me I’m a walking miracle and that I should not worry about the future. He said to keep taking the medications, keep my appointments and move forward. He said if it happens again we’ll deal with it. He explained what the doctors would […]

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The Same Road

I saw the surgeon today. He didn’t smile much at first. I always try to read him when I go in. I asked if he had bad news. I said, am I going to have to do that fight again, another excruciating, painful time? He said yes. I said, you could have given that news […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Chronic Pain Lupus The People Behind My Eyes

No Osteomyelitis. Chronic illness is expensive.

I was tested twice more and the final answer is no. I don’t have a bone infection. No Osteomyelitis. The infection from the ulcer reached deep, but the bone wasn’t infected at all. I’m in the clear on that one. Also, after 2 months and much fuss, the ulcer is nearly gone. I’m not even […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Lupus The People Behind My Eyes

Back from the hospital

I’m home now. What a scare. My foot is infected again. I went to the hospital and was admitted for 3 days. The wound turned black and scared everyone to death. I was originally diagnosed with a bone infection but the surgeon that amputated my foot as well as his partner disagree with that diagnosis. […]

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Struggling. Bruised but not broken.

I’m struggling a bit to keep anxiety under control. My pain levels are too high and I’ve not had much sleep. Today I saw Dr. D at his office. It was a good session yet I dissociated most of the time. It was as if I sat beside myself the entire time talking to him. […]

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On Collecting Illnesses

I collect tea and porcelain dolls. My body collects illnesses. This is my second round of meds for the infection in my feet. At the beginning of the second round I had a side effect from the medication that caused a rash from my neck to my stomach, front and and back, arms and shoulders. […]

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Foot Stuff. Fear of Pain.

I’ve been going in to see the doctor more than normal because my body is having a hard time fighting the infection. The days I’ve not gone in she’s called. I’m also to keep a photo diary of the changes to the wound site, which I’ve been doing. The infected area changes in size almost […]

Chronic Pain Lupus PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

Foot Stuff. Good Stuff.

Three times last week I saw the doctor about my right foot because of the infection. She took a small biopsy to see exactly what type of infection is giving me the blues. I should know Wednesday when I return to her office. I’m still handling it ok emotionally, I think. I hate, hate, hate […]

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Michelle. Anxiety. CNA Drama.

Content: Anxiety. No self harm. Fill in CNA’s friend committed suicide. Regular CNA troubles. The day has been mostly good but with a lot of anxiety. We seemed to manage it better though. There was an instance when we wanted to cut but Michelle said rather quietly, “May I have some lavender?” We promptly put […]

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A Mother’s Knowledge – The Menopause Talk

If ever I needed to hear a mother’s wise voice it’s now. For many women, we don’t have the option of calling mom to ask midlife questions. We end up spinning out here, losing our minds, not understanding that there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on. I have laughed at older women and thought […]