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She Brings Home the Light

She’s long. Her body and imagination stretch far, farther than anyone expected. Flowers bloom around her in every known species. Flourishing are the petals of delicate purple flowers, blooms of soft blue, golden sun yellow and soothing buttercup. She is wrapped in the color of the rainbow and holds in her hand a shining star, […]

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Silver Swan

“Silver Swan” was embossed and then painted on the book page “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.”

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Risk in Art. The Comfort Zone.

There’s an art piece I labored over posting but that piece got the strongest reaction and ‘sold’ very quickly. The reason sold is in quotes is explained in a separate entry. When I looked at the piece I liked it, a lot. I like the texture in the turquoise, I like the way the colors at the […]

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Art Updates – Fly. Bronze Abstract. Picasso Head

I  updated my Etsy shop and Available Art gallery to reflect my newest original art pieces. Picasso Head is just a fun piece of art with bold colors. Of course there are a few hidden figures in there, as well as a developing butterfly wing, a blue and black feather and an arrow. Sometimes are is […]

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The Jester has left the building

Growing up in a toxic household I found myself playing a role for which I never auditioned. We don’t get to choose which role we’ll play, we’re cast and then put on stage. It’s another realization of just how powerless we were as children and young adults. I made her laugh. I looked away when […]

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Storewide Thank You Discount

20% off Discount Code ELEVENTHHOUR1 I’d like to express my thanks further by offering the very first ever storewide discount. In all my years of public and private sales I have given 3 discount coupons to individuals. This is the first public discount at 20% off store wide. Share on social media if you will. […]

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Some Things Aren’t Easy to Look At

 They just aren’t, some issues are so frightening that even in the line of the sun they are still pitch black, still frightening. When I painted this child, I did so with full knowledge that she may not sell. I have a problem though, I can’t paint gentle art if that’s not what’s inside. So […]

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Bruised Reed

When I posted this work on Etsy where I offer original art, I got a comment from another artist that really made me smile. Right away that artist recognized from where I got the phrase, “bruised reed.” I was surprised by that but it was a welcome surprise. Her face is striking; I know. She […]

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The Wanderer – On Fallen Trees

The Wanderer is a nature scene of a young black boy sitting on a tree stump. His shirt is the same color as the roots of the trees that continued to grow the day I wandered into the woods through a host of fallen trees. I couldn’t believe the color. I’d never seen anything like […]

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What the Heart Wants

She stands 6.5 inches tall and is 4 inches wide on heavy weight paper. In order to create your painting I first used crayola crayons then began to smooth the colors together with my fingers. I etched with my fingers then used crayola markers. Water was used to move the marker around creating an etched […]