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My Sister’s Keeper

I couldn’t decide how to display the painting in this entry. There’s so much to it that I worried I’d leave out an important detail. The reason I like this painting is because of the details. The children are the focus of the painting but each raindrop of color, each stream rains with importance to […]

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Artist Thoughts: Waiting for new sight

I sometimes get stuck on a painting and put it up for a bit, then I take it out and hang it on the wall. I sometimes even frame the piece and look at it for awhile. There have been times I’ve passed a painting and thought, oh, I need a line here or oh, […]

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Birds on Fallen Trees

Birds on Fallen Trees – 9 x 8 clay and wood sculpture created almost entirely with found items. The cobble stones in clay were found items, the twigs are from 5 fallen trees, the birds are from a recycled art piece, real Pekin duck feathers have been added as well as dried flowers. When I’m […]

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A New Woman Original Painting

 **SOLD ** I began tearing the wall paper remnants from an old craft table when I thought, this would be fun to paint on, so I did. A New Woman is a romantic, abstract figurative painting with ethnic overtones. It is medium textured and has been painted on pulled, up-cycled wall paper. There are even […]