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Three Faces Plus One More

When everything went to ‘hell’ in a hand basket I didn’t panic, I didn’t start screaming and crying. Three people have died unexpectedly in the last week but during the chaos, the conversations back and forth, arrangements, I spoke with my normal voice. My family knows not to expect me at the memorial. They don’t have […]

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Strangle Hold

Sometimes the images are hard to look at. This particular piece in the My Face My Art Collection, has a specific theme. I wanted to convey the general feeling of being disturbed and strangled. This piece involves not just Lupus but mental illness as well. Just because a person has one life difficulty, it doesn’t […]

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Snapshot Original Abstract Painting

I showed a friend a photo of this painting and her first response was, wow, there’s a lot in there. She commented that there were images from corner to corner. I said, yeah, not a single corner left without a mark or image. I then added, it’s like a snapshot of my brain. That’s how […]

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I’m Just Talking

It’s Nisan 14, the greatest day of the year. I went to services that started after sundown. It was difficult because my pain levels were so high but there was no way on earth I wanted to miss it. I used to think that having a portrait of your pet was silly but I look […]

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The Perfect Storm – Medical Care and Mental Health

I have issues with idiots. As a matter of fact, I’m allergic to stupid people. They make me itch. I cannot stand stupid people, especially when they’re dripping with it. That GP who was nice one time in a year and a half has gone right back to dripping stupid all over the place! An […]

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DID. Anxiety. Art.

I was thinking about how many doctors have told me my body is resistant to treatment. Hearing that in my head made me think, well, if that’s the case then I’d better get to moving along before this treatment is rejected. At this time I’m able to leave the house. This treatment allows me to […]

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Sangria and Me

“Sangria” stands in my Etsy shop full of surrealism and color. The terracotta tone woman with blue hair thinks nothing of the raven that flew in the door. Why should she, after all, she’s got a house inside a house, evergreen trees shaped like arrows and large sunflowers coming from who knows where. The painting […]

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I know what’s different. I’m at the helm.

In a comment to a reader I began listing off more reasons why it feels pointless to trust any doctor or treatment. She said “I’m naked when I try to shed the blanket for more than a few minutes.” I understand that. I feel Naked. I feel Exposed. I feel Defenseless. I throw myself at the […]

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Like Girls Do – My Face My Art

To combine art scribbled in black ink, inked in with deep blue, crimson and yellow can be sobering. To add these art pieces as a collage over the face they affect was to show that Lupus is more than what you read on a blog. It’s more than the art itself. It’s not pretty. What […]

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Everything – Fast forward

DECEMBER 27,2015. Times 32 on the multifunctional remote, flash blurred scenes for you. My eyes have processed them all, bit by bit, no translation of hue or tone lost to speed. I see. I hear. I can’t make it stop. Pulled plugs, short circuit, a hundred failed attempts to rewire. Still I hear every car […]