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It’s going to kill you

Reality is going to kill you. She takes her trip to the Netherlands and for what, to add it to the countries she’s visited. I wish she could visit reality. I wish she could see her true self in the mirror and then fade to nothing from the gravity of her errors, her crimes. I […]

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She Speaks The Dream

Let her scream. Let her sing Let her speak her dreams. Let her pant on, glide through waves of churning water and strike back at lighting. Let her eyes be open, her hands open Let her feel the wind. Let her rest on soft clouds. Take her home. Title: Mindscape – “She speaks the dream” Art […]

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The Sky Rumbles

Eerie gusts of wind made the curtains rumble. At will the wind blew strong enough to send the curtains flying, but mostly it caught them and shook out a chilling sound. Had I not been half in, half out, I would have closed the windows, but all I did was lay awkward, looking above my […]

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Still She Sleeps-The Girl Who Lost Her Bird

Wake her. I can’t wake her. A trance so simple to employ has held her captive these many years. Wake her. I can’t wake her. Smelling salts, the promise of every good apple, a song pleasant to the ears, a hand soft on her face. I have pledged my life to pour out water that […]

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The Poet’s Snare

This is free style writing. I just put my hands on the keyboard and write with no corrections or rewording. With intense passion and lust for words, I abandon all reason and give myself over to the poet. I’m ensnared. The more I read, the more I hear them read, the more my heart just […]

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The Sky is Still Falling – The Rains

After yesterday’s twisters, hail and strong winds, today the state was shown mercy. Its rained and rained and rained, but we all kept our roof tops. Glass port holes that give us a glimpse of the outside world were not blown out, nor were cars pelted or farm animals fearful. Today Indiana was shown mercy. This […]

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I could fly

My sister kept my secret. She was the only person who knew I could fly. I could fly around the tree in the front yard that bloomed for a few days then dropped its petals like a dream. It was the tree with choice switches, the tree I could see from my bedroom window as I […]