Acrylic and Ink Lupus Mixed Media Originals Paintings Paper Self Portrait Surreal

Like Girls Do – My Face My Art

To combine art scribbled in black ink, inked in with deep blue, crimson and yellow can be sobering. To add these art pieces as a collage over the face they affect was to show that Lupus is more than what you read on a blog. It’s more than the art itself. It’s not pretty. What […]

Acrylic and Ink Art ART GALLERY Expressionsim Faces Media Originals Paintings Paper Women of Strength

Bruised Reed

When I posted this work on Etsy where I offer original art, I got a comment from another artist that really made me smile. Right away that artist recognized from where I got the phrase, “bruised reed.” I was surprised by that but it was a welcome surprise. Her face is striking; I know. She […]

Art ART GALLERY Children Expressionsim Originals Paintings Paper Tree Art

Ariel knew it would rain

Caught in the rain, little Ariel walks home without an umbrella. Through thick woods she walks and walks until a tiny sprout pops up right on her head. A few steps more and pop, pop, pop, sprouts appear all the more until finally she becomes part of the scenery. Art Title: Ariel knew it would […]

Art ART GALLERY Expressionsim Faces Media Originals Paintings Paper Self Portrait Women of Strength

What the Heart Wants

She stands 6.5 inches tall and is 4 inches wide on heavy weight paper. In order to create your painting I first used crayola crayons then began to smooth the colors together with my fingers. I etched with my fingers then used crayola markers. Water was used to move the marker around creating an etched […]

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Iesha – She who lives

In a village or town somewhat far from here lives a mother and father who work hard and feed their family with food sufficient for each day. They go about sweeping, sewing, mending and patching, etching out life. They scurry here and there, rushing this one, readjusting that one, forgetting another. In this village or […]