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The Unseen

“The Unseen” is a painting by my 12 year old alter named Michelle who has been out quite a bit lately. She’s doing therapy with Dr. D right now so there will surely be more art from her displayed on the blog. The art piece was started by layering paint then smearing ink until she […]

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Weather. Desensitization Therapy. Courage and Resilience.

It’s cold, dead cold freezing my bones in place. bones that aren’t, squeak and squawk at the audacious request to carry me. **** It’s supposed to be bitter cold for the next 10 days. I just want the barometric pressure to stabilize, at least my pain would be tolerable. Right now my hands and knees […]

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Dog and Frog

Clyde is needy, so am I. He too jumps at the slightest noise.  Even though he’s anxious, he’s protective of me. He knows what it means when alarms go off 4 times a day. Two of those times he’s going to eat, which he loves to do. He’s such a good boy, gentle yet playful and […]

The People Behind My Eyes

Still Walking

We played ball and took advantage of the weather. The little spot in this photo is Clyde running and chewing a tennis ball. The ball didn’t make it. It was chewed to nothing, but that’s okay ’cause we had a lot of fun. We both came home quite happy with ourselves. While there I thought […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Chronic Pain The People Behind My Eyes

Bad Day – We Make A Good Team

Today was another day where I had spasms. The pain gets so bad it frightens me. I want to run from it. There’s loneliness with pain. I’m not sure why but it’s a lonely feeling to be in pain like that. It’s even more odd when it’s over and I’m out walking the dog as […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy PTSD The People Behind My Eyes Therapy Review

Therapy Review: Managing Anxiety. Relief

My dreams weren’t good but they didn’t plague me. I laid in bed for a bit and watched a short lecture then got ready for therapy. We talked about how wonderful it’s been to have my new buddy and how there’s renewed courage to leave the house and go further than usual. I can’t explain […]

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Medications. GP Impression. Decompression.

She nixed the Gabapentin and Cyclobenzaprine which no longer work for me and exchanged them for Lyrica and Zanaflex. I’m already on Cymbalta with Abilify. This is a combination I’ve not had before, one I really need to give some relief. I’d take a level pain 7 with no questions asked. If they could just […]

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Therapy Review: Trust. Guilt. Anxiety Art. Community

We talked about how there’s no reason on earth I shouldn’t trust that I get to keep Sir Clyde for a very long time. We discussed anxiety and grief concerning Mary Jane and some guilt that I have another pet so early after her passing. It feels like I tried to replace her but as […]

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Courage with a Service Dog

A week ago a friend and I went snail and moss hunting. I didn’t find a single snail but I did get great moss. There was moss down by the water but I didn’t want to risk my life going where the best of it was so we just ohh and aaahed on shore. The […]

(CRSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy I'm only human Lupus The People Behind My Eyes

No tears. The page has turned.

Why do women cry in the bathtub while drinking a glass of wine? Is that in our DNA? I had a wonderful lavender bath. When I got out I put on my lavender oil and gave myself a foot massage with the oil. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t sexy. I mean seriously, all that […]