Imminent Danger Seek Shelter – Crikey!

That was a long, long night. I woke at 2 pm when my friend Snow knocked on the door.

I didn’t have to go to the basement again last night, but it was a mess over here all last night. I was happy the phone held its charge.

The messages (plural) that made me grab my cat and go said Imminent Danger Seek Shelter Immediately. Ya know, a girl can’t really ignore that. It was pretty bad.

No deaths that I’m aware of, not here in my complex either. But there is damage to cars and windows from hail. There’s water damage from windows being broken. Not pretty. Nothing in my apartment is ruined.

I’m tired from it being a long night, and I’m a day behind for working on the doll. Can’t do that in the basement and I kinda need more light than a candle to know that my stitches are correct, so no real finishing work was done on her yesterday. It’ll be done on time though.

I looked at a few photos from last night’s storms and saw that my absolute favorite house in Indy has fewer standing trees. That’s my dream house. Perfect color, perfect yard, just perfect dreamy home. love that house. Most of the houses on that street are phenomenal but that one is my absolute favorite. I’ve even been in it a few times. That was over 20 years ago though. The outside looks the same but when I see it again the yard will have fewer trees.

Today is clean up day. Everyone is all happy to be alive right now and passing on words of good cheer and standing together as a community. That’ll last a few days or until they get the bill for taking away a garage with no roof. It’s all support and holding together right now, but that’ll stop when they find out how much the city will fine you for not removing the eye sore, storm torn fence in your yard. Bloodsuckers!

Anyway, gotta get some more sleep.

Mary Jane and I plus the booze has survived the storm. Yes, it’s good to be part of a community in happy mode or happy hour, what have you. lol I’m kidding about protecting the 4 bottles of IPA here. I could have gone without it for at least a day or two. “I’m just happy we’re all alive.”


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