I made all my appointments at the hospital every six months since 2018 but it was time for a change. I’m seeing the same doctor just at a clinic associated with the hospital. I’m happy I made the change.

People spoke to each other in the clinic and it wasn’t about their fight, it was about the beauty red fox family in one yard, a family of bunnies in another yard and pet frogs at my house.

We talked about birds and insects. I talked about insects with two people I didn’t even know as well as the Merlin app that helps me identify what bird I can hear outside. Most of the time I can’t see it but I can hear it so I look it up and do a bit of reading on it. Anyway, it was nice talking to them.

How’s my body? The heat has my body flush. Using my own topical is more effective than voltaren cream. I can use mine just about anywhere and without a time limit. My vitals are in good shape. My weight loss medication appears to be working.

I was to go to intensive out patient eating disorder treatment for 8 weeks but I was unaware of the distance. I can do virtual therapy with them but not intensive outpatient in person for 8 weeks. The transfer and travel time would be brutal. I’ll talk to my pdoc about it. Also, I’ve not been that far from home on my own, in a wheelchair. I’m afraid.

I’ve yet to travel anywhere alone since being in this wheelchair. I was going to go two blocks down the street not 30 minutes one way. Also, I’ve read the reviews and I don’t need the shame. Instead of flat out no it’ll be “not right now with a heavy chance of no.” They need better reviews for me to put forth the type of effort I’ll need and to endure the physical pain I’ll endure while sitting up through the sessions and traveling.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.