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Big Brown Eyes

She’s just a little thing at 14 inches but she’s got big brown eyes full of hope and a sweet little smile. I let her eyes, smile and hair do all the talking for this doll. Her hair is really long and soft. Her lips are soft and pink and turned up just a little […]

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You have so much love to give, that’s what makes you special.

I have a little one who was born in a small division of Indiana called Rosedale Hills. She was born in a home where art, music, love and laughter fill the rooms. The scent of joy is roses. The feel of care is as smooth as cream as its poured into what will become sweet […]

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Things that Hang – Sea Shell Ornaments

I have a love affair with things that hang, drape and flower which is why I constantly make things that hang, drape and flower. I make little ornaments that hang from my planters, from the light on the ceiling fans and from the sides of the curtains. I love things that hang. The 3 inch […]

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Hope Bear Goes Home

The Hope Tea Cat found a new home in Southern Indiana. The person that adopted the kitty cat said her apartment complex doesn’t allow cats, so she adopted a stuffed cat with a pink heart nose and a little green checkered dress. Safe travels little bear. Kitty cat plush ornament, shelf sitter Art by: Faith […]

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Hot Chocolate Angels and Mary Jane

This is a nothing entry….something to toss up here so I can stamp time saying I was here. So we’re here, hanging around and its time for a cup of hot chocolate. Snow goes to get the cups and says, “You don’t have any hot chocolate. Faith, it’s empty.” Me – “What, no, there should […]

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Butterfly Embellishments

Ohhhh I’ve been having fun. I have dried leaves that I use in different art projects. The other day I decided to try to cut a butterfly out of the dried leave. It worked!! Then I began cutting butterflies out of what I like to call, art gone wrong. It’s the art piece that didn’t […]

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Rooted Hearts 2 – an Etsy Treasury

This is a part 2 of the Rooted Hearts Etsy treasury. The treasury showcases art, jewelry and vessels created by artists from around the world. Some of the treasury tags you might notice hopefully shows that the treasury is a peaceful, international and uplifting arrangement. This particular arrangement focuses more on artifacts, vessels and jewelry. […]

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Rooted Hearts 1 – an Etsy Treasury

Ah yes, another treasury list on ETSY. This is a two part treasury which includes paintings, jewelry and vessels. There are twenty four pieces in all. Today I’ve opened up part one. Rooted Hearts Double Treasury  Is dedicated to our grandfathers, our roots and our sense of being. For the beautiful woman, for turquoise, bone and […]

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Priscilla Handmade African American Rag Doll and Sunflower

This is the very first item I am offering for the new year which really makes me smile.       SOLD This young lady is a handmade African American rag doll with a hand painted face and handmade clothes. She’s a lovely girl, a shelf sitter girl to be added to your collection. Although she […]

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The Wanderer – On Fallen Trees

The Wanderer is a nature scene of a young black boy sitting on a tree stump. His shirt is the same color as the roots of the trees that continued to grow the day I wandered into the woods through a host of fallen trees. I couldn’t believe the color. I’d never seen anything like […]