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A Month of Strings 1

This may look familiar. I’ve had it forever. “The Tin Man”. He also reminds me of a puppet on strings and the need for freedom. From what? From the things that wrap around pnd me. I feel tangled. I feel lost, pulled in several different directions, floating above unstable ground. MY HEART IS BROKEN and […]

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The Wanderer – On Fallen Trees

The Wanderer is a nature scene of a young black boy sitting on a tree stump. His shirt is the same color as the roots of the trees that continued to grow the day I wandered into the woods through a host of fallen trees. I couldn’t believe the color. I’d never seen anything like […]

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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher – a crayola etching on paper. How did such a small yet intricate piece of art get a big name? The paper was originally used as scratch paper for other art work. I tested colors, tested pens to see if they worked and blended crayons to see if I liked the colors. After […]

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Venture to Know

A large sunflower mandala, a white butterfly and stone embellishments cradle the main subjects of the painting called Venture to Know. Her hair becomes the tree that reaches into a red and turquoise sky. Her face is divided into copper, wood, bark, Indiana yellow and flaming red. Deep set are the dark eyes of this […]

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The Stream Carried Wonderment and Joy

This painting is on of the very first collages I’ve created and thought good enough to post. The tall, elongated woman with her face divided by cream and blue stands with her eyes closed taking in everything. The secure and at peace woman stands with her feet in the stream and allows joy and wonderment into […]

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Sage: a Queen on Her Throne

At 27 inches in length, head to feet, Sage makes quite a statement. Sage is a 100% handmade African-American rag doll, art doll. Her face is hand painted, her hair sewn in piece by piece. She can wear her hair down in dreadlocks or up in a headdress.  The Queen’s inner layered garment is a dusty lavender […]

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It’s wroth the effort to bloom

SOLD This is not my usual type of art but, one must reach out from time to time right?  Here is how this painting grew. I took a paper bag from a grocery story that had a tree already on it. I painted the tree with circle branches and tiny little leaves on just a […]