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One of my recent goals was to finish projects I started. I know where I was going with each piece when I stopped working on them so I just picked up where I left off. More completed work is to come. Faith

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Mom Had Crazy Eyes

I never knew what would come out of her mouth. I never knew what mood she would be in. What I did know is what to expect when she got that look in her eye. I knew to expect horror. The art piece was created by making lines and loops. The piece has all kinds […]

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The Last Reign

“The Last Reign” is in the Visionary Original Paintings gallery as well as in my Etsy shop. This 5.5 x 8.5 mixed media piece showcases deep colors and moody lines. It is truly a Sundrip piece in that I’ve painted edge to edge with imagery everywhere you look. There are masks or what some may […]

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The Jester has left the building

Growing up in a toxic household I found myself playing a role for which I never auditioned. We don’t get to choose which role we’ll play, we’re cast and then put on stage. It’s another realization of just how powerless we were as children and young adults. I made her laugh. I looked away when […]

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Art Progress on “Twelve”

Progress on this piece is coming along nicely. The original remains untouched. A copy in my sketchbook was to be a study for a painting in oil but I don’t think I’m going to do that. I like the two pieces and will not do another. What started out as black and white ended up nearly a […]

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Sour Wine

Sour Wine is what they drank, now the people go their separate way home. This one hurries to the right, others gather flowers to hold for the long walk. One woman crosses the boundary between what she knows and what she was told. A new experience, A free expression of acceptance. How is her openness […]

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This painting started as pull art. I created a painting using the drip art technique then looked at it if for a few days. As I was walking by I saw an eye. I quickly drew it in, then the lips and the nose. Days later the painting developed into an ancient woman growing her […]

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What will you see in this ethnic, surreal painting? Ah, gold poppies, red poppies, a fisherman in traditional clothing reaching to the sun, an Asian woman in a white dress with a small orange patch whose arms reach down yet they branch out as bare trees. Beside her is a face within a face. Flowers […]

Abstract Art Acrylic and Ink Art ART GALLERY Expressionsim Faces Media Mixed Media Originals Paintings Sunflowers Surreal Visionary

Venture to Know

A large sunflower mandala, a white butterfly and stone embellishments cradle the main subjects of the painting called Venture to Know. Her hair becomes the tree that reaches into a red and turquoise sky. Her face is divided into copper, wood, bark, Indiana yellow and flaming red. Deep set are the dark eyes of this […]

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Cut in Stone

A friend of mine, now gone, once said: “The most beautiful things come from the most foul manure.” I hope he’s right. I hope to one day grow past what is ugly into not just beauty but peace. As stated in my bio, I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as Multiple Personality Disorder. […]