Traveler by fma

What will you see in this ethnic, surreal painting? Ah, gold poppies, red poppies, a fisherman in traditional clothing reaching to the sun, an Asian woman in a white dress with a small orange patch whose arms reach down yet they branch out as bare trees. Beside her is a face within a face. Flowers grow, swirls spring out, color abounds then rests.

A sparrow and a raven fly in the same sky. A slave and a free man share the ground beneath their feet. So many contradictions, so much that blends and leads to yet another world, another angle of vision. The faceless woman wears a white dress that twists down in a valley where gold poppies grow along side red poppies. The painting is full of imagery, a feast for the imagination, a perfect gift for the lover of complex, colorful and treasure map art.

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