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Sketchbook Pages: Uprooted

I feel uprooted. Everything is different. My home is great but I’ve not laid down roots here. Most of my possessions are new because the old got thrown out. The only photo of my father that I had was thrown away accidentally. It is gone forever and it hurts. My dishes, terrariums, plants, shoes, bed, […]

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The Unseen

“The Unseen” is a painting by my 12 year old alter named Michelle who has been out quite a bit lately. She’s doing therapy with Dr. D right now so there will surely be more art from her displayed on the blog. The art piece was started by layering paint then smearing ink until she […]

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Mother’s and Grey Elephants

I’ve thought a lot of my mother lately. In therapy Friday afternoon we talked about traveling, the orchestra, theater, opera and all the cultural things she loved. It’s a strange contrast between the tyrant and the artist but there was in fact a contrast, one I loved. I recall my mother singing around the house. […]

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She had a wide range of peculiarities but one constant; her mouth was always wide open. Her violence frightened me as a child. The fact that she’s still alive makes me a bit uncomfortable. The woman with the split earlobe laughed loudly, sang loudly, slapped you on the back while laughing and did everything over […]

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The Resilience Tree Series

The Resilience Tree Resilience Tree – Beginnings Resilience Tree – Risen We have not seen the last of the Resilience Trees. Next year’s creative goals includes a tree a day. I look forward to starting January 1st in a special book just for trees 🙂 Original art by Faith Magdalene Austin is available through PayPal […]

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Therapy Review: Skinned. Let her go.

I turned 46 today. I’m not bothered by the age but my heart still desires what it can’t have, family connection. Birthday’s anymore are difficult. On this day, I feel the ache of not having family to grow old with. Dr. D and I discussed what it would be like if I had any of […]

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Art for Art SALE 25% off *** ArtForArt17 ***

On sale now are all items in my Etsy shop and items in my Available Art Galleries until August 4th, 2017. I’m having a sale so I can spend money in August. 🙂 I gotta buy art supplies. In other words, I’m selling art to make art. August is the month I stock up on […]

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Sketchbook #3 – Mindscapes in Pencil and Watercolor

These are recent entries in my personal sketchbook. They’re mindscapes – an artists version of a CAT scan. I’ve done my best to toss out the notion that I must create something beautiful. I have to stop feeling as if I must please viewers with a masterpiece or outdo myself. I have to stop thinking […]

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Paint Sketch and Alter

“She dreams of flowers” “Her fullest potential” “The Girl” in apostrophe earrings.

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Soothing Tree Drawings in Watercolor and Ink

Drawing trees is soothing. I usually draw them bare. I love leaves. i like to see them up close and examine the cells. I recently learned that my sweet potato plant was holding water in the cells of the leaf because I watered too much and too late in the day. Leaves are a beautiful […]