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Earlier in the day I said, “I have no reason to be awake.” Let me correct that please, and introduce what was done with the anger instead of internalizing it.

A reason to be irritated was that, after turning my phone to do not disturb, I still got a call from Dr. Yes who wants me to come in. I can’t block his number or anyone close in my care team but I blocked most people. Sooo, tomorrow at 1 pm I need to go in. I’m like, what could he want? I though to myself, Faith, you can control the way this appointment goes by the way you speak and respond to him. You can go in there with an attitude or you can go in there with concern and desire to sit down and talk about things. I have that choice..After a short pep talk I painted. I was mad, good and mad. I don’t want to see him but I also didn’t want to lay in bed, facing the wall burning up inside.

The process - Sundrip StudioThis painting was calming for me. It’s also another painting done in one day. I love wax art.

In addition to this piece I was able to scan 19 art pieces that will soon be in the Etsy shop.

It’s funny because, when I was working I kept losing my pen. The first time I got irritated by it I was reminded of our desire to not badger ourselves. It’s a pen. I mean, look at my desk, that pen could be anywhere!!! I eventually found the pen then lost it again but I didn’t abuse myself, didn’t talk down to myself for losing that dang on pen, or the cat !!

When I work with wax I use my little craft iron. I sometimes use the toaster oven in the studio but this time I stuck to the iron and used parchment paper to melt it where I wanted it to go. I’d like very much to learn to make figures better, but for a beginner with simple tools, I can’t complain.

The process - Sundrip Studio

When I look at her I think of a wild heart, a girl determined to reach and reach. I see commitment and stamina but mostly determination.

Art Title: “Encaustic Rise”
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Media: Colored Wax, paper
Size: 11.5 x 6 x 5.5
Finish: sealed on the back, signed on the front and back, unmounted
Style: Fine Art, Expressionism

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