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I've been finishing work in my books. I set a goal this year to finish work I started but there was an interruption that put me behind. I decided after I got out of the hospital to pick up where I left off with finishing work. Here is one of the key pieces I wanted to work on. It's a story line about my aunt's life and the affect she had on mine.

She Sings, from the journal entry called Wide.

Mouth Wide Open - She Sings

She Sings


For a long time I thought to myself, I'm all out of art. I've got nothing creative left. I just scribble and block in the shapes with color. But after looking at these blocks of color I have to say, this is art, and I like it.

I started off drawing with a black gel pen then used watercolor. This particular piece was created to work with a new watercolor set of mine. I really liked how it turned out and love the watercolor set.

palette Paper fma d2

Below is a combination of Windsor Newton watercolors and a generic brand that I purchased. The generic brand has some colors that I really love that WN left out, so, I used both sets quite often.

palette Paper 3 fma

I still use my bed at times as an art studio but somehow I've managed not to get any paint on my bed. Lets hope I can keep up the cleanliness.

This is watercolor art in progress.


Two teddy bears made of soft pink corduroy went to a new born this week. 🙂

Chosen from the Available Art Gallery, "Southern Slaw" is on it's way to Colorado.

Southern Slaw - SOLD

"Folly" aka "Smirk" went to Indiana.

Smirk - Available
Folly SOLD

Here's a quick look at some of the art that is still looking for a wall of it's own.

Where can I purchase original Sundrip art?
Original artwork can be purchased directly from this website by using PayPal or from my Etsy shop. The Etsy shop no longer offers prints.

Where can I buy Sundrip prints?
You may purchase prints from my Redbubble shop. If there's a print you want but it does not appear in the Redbubble shop please contact me and I'll put it in there. At this time I only offer prints from my Redbubble shop.

Please click the Galleries link for Frequently Asked Questions and other information.

Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP - Art for Life

See VolumesI'm hesitant to publish work like this because of the dark lines and how packed it is, full of images, but it represents my head in an accurate way. It shows the full, always thinking, always moving, nearly manic thought processes inside my head. Why would I hesitate to post that type of truth in art but feel free to do so in words? I don't fear any kind of judgement with words I use. I don't expect anyone to tell me to lighten up or make my words pretty, but I can't seem to forget those who have told me to do that with my art.

Posting it is a way of shutting up the negativity in my head. I like this piece. I like the activity in it. I like the color against the black. I like the twists in it. I like the orange and I like the hidden people at the top, on the left side and at the bottom. I'm posting it and my head can just shut up about it! ...continue reading "See Volumes. Art Confidence."

Ariel knew d1 They just aren't, some issues are so frightening that even in the line of the sun they are still pitch black, still frightening.

When I painted this child, I did so with full knowledge that she may not sell. I have a problem though, I can't paint gentle art if that's not what's inside. So I did what I do. I painted what I know.

Little Ariel knew it would rain. How does a person with Fibromyalgia and /or Lupus know it'll rain even without turning on the weather report? Our bones tell us. The pain level shoots up high. Our eye sight is affected. Our fingers, lips and toes get cold. The pain level shoots up so high and so fast that it'll double the body over. What's interesting to me is that I'm caught off guard every time.

I hold my side. I'm bending down, seconds from loosing lunch, but it hasn't clicked. I don't understand what's happening to my body. When I try to get to the car I see its sprinkling, raining or even light snow. Now it makes sense. Finally I realize the weather system has changed  and that has affected my pain, my complexion, fingers, lips, eyes and my ability to think rationally. It's as if I've been sucked in and can't see my way out....  but not so fast. I can see my way out. ...continue reading "Some Things Aren’t Easy to Look At"

Three Tangled fmaI am still here.

I am still drawing.

I am still managing Lupus and Fibromyalgia but with new doctors.

I am hopeful that I will begin to have better days.

I am looking to the middle of April to re-open my Etsy shop. While it is on vacation I'd like to give a preview of a few of the 60 art pieces that have been completed in the last few months while recuperating. These art pieces are 6 inches by 9 inches and are done in black permanent ink. Forty permanent pens were used to complete 60 art pieces. Some drawings have color, others are more powerful with black and white only. Some posted may eventually be in color.

I am still here. I don't have any more black pens though. 🙂

. locker fma  .The Smallest Flower  .  Under the Sun fma .




Heart Wants fmaShe stands 6.5 inches tall and is 4 inches wide on heavy weight paper. In order to create your painting I first used crayola crayons then began to smooth the colors together with my fingers. I etched with my fingers then used crayola markers. Water was used to move the marker around creating an etched finger painting in Crayola. Details were added in oil pastel and black ink.

Here she is full of emotion, with her eyes closed, head to the side and heart exposed and open. She is vulnerable, full of love, capable of loving much. But what is it that her heart wants? She closes her eyes and she listens. ...continue reading "What the Heart Wants"

Traveler by fma

What will you see in this ethnic, surreal painting? Ah, gold poppies, red poppies, a fisherman in traditional clothing reaching to the sun, an Asian woman in a white dress with a small orange patch whose arms reach down yet they branch out as bare trees. Beside her is a face within a face. Flowers grow, swirls spring out, color abounds then rests. ...continue reading "Traveler"

Walk with Me Paint has dripped down the canvas like rain, sheets and layers of bold rain. Every color of the rainbow can be found mixed in, behind, in front of and between two young girls who are opposites. ...continue reading "Walk with Me"

Sunflowers Bless My Home fmaSunflowers Bless My Home was super fun. She's bright and beautiful, dreamy and just fun! A young girl stands with her arm out stretched with a large sunflower winding around her arm until it comes to an arch over the house of music. Green leaves touch the deep blue and purple sky. The white moon shares the purple and blue.

You can see the young woman with black hair in the red dress, breath the night air in as she stands in the grass by the rocky walkway home. It is a magical, fantasy and cheerful collage that would do well in any home or business office such as children's dentistry or the bedroom of your young child whose imagination will be indulged. ...continue reading "Sunflowers Bless My Home"

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