My hospital bed allows me to sleep well. I can lift the head and feet which helps me rest.

Joe turned 15 on the first. Come April my CNA will have been here for a full year. She treats me well. I have a CNA on Saturday too. I like her a lot.

I have a trip in May but a good friend of mine suggested we go to New York in September so I’m saving up. I’ve started using the piggy bank to bank roll the New York trip.

My new recliner is more than I could have asked for. I was going to purchase one. I even had one picked out, but friends came up with a free chair for me. It sits well and lets me raise my legs. I’m so thrilled. Joe sits with me either on the arm or between my feet.

The money I would have spent on a recliner I put towards a new manual wheelchair. The old one I had for six years is being donating for parts.

I’m comfortable. My heart is at rest and I’m fully in the moment. I’m grateful for today.


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