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Michelle. Anxiety. CNA Drama.

Content: Anxiety. No self harm. Fill in CNA’s friend committed suicide. Regular CNA troubles. The day has been mostly good but with a lot of anxiety. We seemed to manage it better though. There was an instance when we wanted to cut but Michelle said rather quietly, “May I have some lavender?” We promptly put […]

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Finishing Work

I’ve been finishing work in my books. I set a goal this year to finish work I started but there was an interruption that put me behind. I decided after I got out of the hospital to pick up where I left off with finishing work. Here is one of the key pieces I wanted […]

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Girl Inside

Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Art Title: Girl Inside Media: Watercolor and Acrylic on 98 lb paper Style: Raw, African Americana, Folk Art, Black Art Finish: Sealed, signed, Here’s a close up look at this very emotional piece of a girl with someone else inside. SUNDRIP – Art for Life

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A Little Love

A tiny painting with a message of love. Title: A Little Love Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Media: Acrylic and ink on wood panel Size: 3 inches by 2 inches African Americana Looking for original art? Visit SUNDRIP – Art for Life on Etsy. Follow the Etsy link or see the sidebar for more links.

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CNA and Self Confidence

The first CNA they sent me didn’t work out. I’m not sure what the company was thinking. Here’s the text sent to a friend who is still in the nursing home dealing with CNA’s, nurses and roommates from hell. “Oh Lord! My new CNA is 70 years old. I was like, what? Who sends a […]

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Madison Ann the African Americana Folk Doll

Ah, I got it. I finished her. I went to Wally World yesterday and looked for a yellow ribbon but I couldn’t find one. Despite sewing a doll by hand, painting her entire body, painting her face and sewing in yarn for hair, I can’t make a bow. It’s sad but true, I can’t make […]

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Red Balloon Has a Wall of It’s Own

Guess what was bartered today? Guess who gets a new home? Red Balloon! Good choice. The African American boy with blue accents around his eyes stands tall in front of a rainbow background. There’s a faint show of a crown of small, round lights circling young Sam’s head. Open the detailed image and look closely, […]

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Sam’s Red Balloon and the Great Pen Incident

I recently purchased a pallet box to hold more watercolors. In one area I selected colors based on what I use most but on the other side I put colors I need more work with. For the most part, I enjoy watercolors but at times I swear it off saying I’ll never, ever try this […]

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Adopted Art: Jane’s Flowers Bloom

As you know, art without a wall of its own is sad, but today “Jane’s Flowers Bloom” was adopted. To celebrate this momentous occasion is the legendary Phil Collins singing, “In the Mail Tonight”. Art Title:  Jane’s Flowers Bloom Art by:  Faith Magdalene Austin Media:  Colored pencil, ink, card stock Size:  4 x 7 inches […]

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Jane’s GardenBlooms

Dr. D asked why African Americana is one of my favorite types of art. I like it because its simple. I like faceless black rag dolls and faceless black art. This little 4 x 7 piece is a simple illustration of country home life. It shows a mother and child in the garden with the […]