Nature and People

This is the Nature and People Gallery of flowing, floral, figurative and minimalist art. Sit back, relax, stay awhile.

Live Free. Create Well. 

For original art that is available for purchase please see my Etsy shop by clicking the link on the sidebar or right here. Sundrip on Etsy. When you see the name Redbubble under a painting it means that the original has been sold but prints are available in my Redbubble shop.

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2 thoughts on “Nature and People

  1. I too struggle with ocd and stumbled upon your blog through some related googling I believe. To the point- I think the Sisters on Vacation is brilliant, one of those pieces that makes you think an artist really has something going on with conceptual ability. You ever think about the concept/craft percentage of importance in compelling work? The more I screwed with art the more I became convinced that concept trumps craft every time. Its gotta be 65% concept to 35% craft. Easy. Nice work.

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