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When I was a little girl I never said, when I grow up I want to be a survivor. When I grow up I want to hang on to an out. I want to teeter between bad and worse, never really seeing the good days because the other shoe is going to fall. I never, ever signed up for this but here I am, doing the best with what I’ve got.

Scrapbook and art therapy challenges and assignments will be shown here. Check the category Art Therapy for more pieces.

About age 6. Little Duck becomes a tigress

Art Therapy Color Significance Chart:
Green: Youth, growth, natural, inspiration
Red: Strength, courage, empowered
Orange: Fleeting courage or self doubt, ambiguity,
Purple: Self worth, pride,
Blue: Dignity, birthright, unalienable rights
Yellow: Vile, disgusting acts, sexual perversion, perversions, urine, weakness, humiliation, coward
White: Dissociation, overwhelmed, explosion of emotion to the point of implosion, mental chaos, fear
Black: Emptiness, vacant, does not exist, emotional death

Art Therapy Symbols Chart
Flowers have the most significance in my art and appear more times than any other object. Flowers represent emotion. No matter what emotion it is, flowers signify emotion. When there are a ton of flowers it’s not just a meadow or a valley, it’s emotional fallout, a maze of emotions I need to work through. Size matters. Large flowers that loom over the figures signifies feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. An individual holding one flower shows that I am overwhelmed, at the end of my rope but still holding on.

Swirls, vortex and circles inside circles symbolizes general anxiety and nervous energy. This may or may not be situational. However, the tighter the swirl the more anxiety there is.

A direct link to a situation causing anger, guilt and/or fear. Crosshatch may also symbolize hopelessness and exhaustion.

Hidden Figures. Many Faces:
Ah yes, the hidden figures and faces stacked on top of each one another symbolizes feelings of being overwhelmed, without direction, cut off from others. The feeling of drowning in the chaos of my mind. Yeah, chaos and an over crowded mind well describes why I add people and faces all over a given art piece.

Trees symbolize a hiding place. This symbol is literal. I used to hide in the hollowed out scar of a tree trunk when I was younger. Usually when drawing trees I’ll add a scar somewhere.

Edge to Edge Art:
Edge to edge art is a mental purge. It’s a flushing of the mind onto canvas resulting in emotional relief. When I am over crowded with worry, obsessive thoughts and OCD activities my art tends to cover the canvas edge to edge.

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Faith Magdalene Austin

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