A Gentle Youngen. Updated.

My new CNA is a gentle youngen with a strained home life. I like her. She likes my cat despite being black lol. Joe screamed at her the whole day though, trying to get her attention. He really wants her attention. I had to threaten him with the spray bottle to leave the poor, not even legal, woman alone. She’ll be 21 in July.

Today we started off with breakfast with no difficulties. She helped me bring my stuff to the table and I made sausage and pancakes.

I was greatly fatigued so we didn’t do much but get to know each other and eat a bite. I’ll have her Monday thru Friday then I’ll have Saturday care.

I appreciate having an aide who likes nature. The other constantly said she hates nature. I knew we weren’t going to the park to walk around. No nature sight seeing. Perhaps with the new girl I’ll get outside in nature a little more.

Despite tthe other CNA ending badly, I can’t bring myself to be angry with her. She was so very wrong these last few weeks, definitely. But man I really started to care about her. We talked on a deep level quite often. She’s a good listener, asks questions. I have no idea why she tore down our little working relationship. I’ll get over it. It’s so complicated when one of us has raging Borderline Personality Disorder and they’re responsible for the care of a person who can be very vulnerable. Her behavior is so BPD. I know why. It doesn’t make it better to deal with. The complicated emotions I have are in knots.

Update 4-24-2024

She’s 20 years old. She told me today that older people usually like her because she knows how “to stay in a child’s place.” A lot of people want to come and change things to their way of doing it but she was making the point that she will not do that. But it struck me how she put it. And she apologizes so much. Said her mom is unpredictable, rageful, out of control. She has a baby sister. My new CNA apologizes a lot and wants to get everything right. My heart kind of hurts for her. So far things have been going very well. I look forward to seeing her each morning.


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