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Half a Century More

I started this little painting back in October of last year but I just now finished it. It looks so much better in person than the terrible photograph. This 7×10 watercolor piece has a lot of numbers on it. The numbers are ages that were very significant to me with age 47 being the last […]

Anxiety Art Art therapy Black Children Mixed Media Paper Self Portrait Sketchbook diary Sunflowers The People Behind My Eyes

Paranoia Art

When I was young my mother used to tell me quite often that a person was trying to punish her for a perceived slight. She constantly accused my sister and myself of stealing money from her purse even though neither of us had done so. I didn’t realize then it was paranoia but now I […]

Anxiety Art Artists Thoughts Self Portrait

It’s Friday!

Ah yes. It’s Friday. There will be popcorn and beer, art and music. Let’s get this party started! The studio shelves are stocked with supplies. I’m ready to go. I’ve been working on a small piece for a few weeks now and I’m past ready to finish it. It’s been a week of high anxiety […]

African-American Rag Doll Anxiety Art Originals PTSD Rag Doll Self Portrait

Lola – Queen of Sorrows

She accurately represents how I feel often. I wish I could say that I’m okay and that life is good. I mean really, complaints should be few but in general I’m not a happy person. I named her Lola because in some languages it means Our Lady of Sorrows. It seemed so appropriate. Lola is […]

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❤ Faith

Art Life is like a box of Nature and People

For My Friends


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Tiny Art. Safe Art.

Sometimes I paint on a tiny little canvas because it feels less overwhelming and very doable. Larger canvas is hard to manage so I don’t mess with that at all but even at times an 8 x 10 piece of paper is daunting, so I pull out a small little canvas and let my mind […]

African-American Rag Doll Art Black Children Originals Rag Doll

Mariah the Flower Girl Handmade Bag Holder Doll

Mariah is approximately 24 inches long in her sweat plaid, red dress and white ruffle bib accented with a red flower. In her textured yarn hair she wears one white flower. Mariah’s golden brown skin was created with acrylic paint on cotton fabric. Her cheeks are rosy red and her eyes wide and beautiful. If […]

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Anxiety. Art. Gratitude.

I’m still screaming and fighting in my sleep about things that happened two and a half decades ago. It makes me wonder if I will ever have peaceful sleep. I feel like I have a measure of peace in my waking hours but sleep is haunted, vicious. Today my anxiety took a turn for the […]

African-American Rag Doll Art Originals Rag Doll

Kamila the African American Handmade Bag Holder Doll

Kamila is about 23 inches long with shoulder length brown hair made of thin and thick yarn. The type of yarn used adds wonderful texture and depth to Kamila. The mocha color accents her beautiful brown eyes and skin. What I love about Kamila is her dress. The maroon / rich burgundy dress, which leads […]