Dental Surgery. Anxiety turned to Beads.

I got to the dentist on time, and they took me back right away. I was awake for the whole thing. I discovered something, I like laughing gas. That stuff is so relaxing.

The surgeon told me at one point that he couldn’t numb me anymore bc it’s hard on the liver. He said the next surgery he’ll go ahead and put me under.

He’s very kind and so is the staff. I felt safe. They were different because they did not overly stimulated me by music overhead, a TV in the exam room and the crew working in my mouth. That didn’t happen. It was low key and peaceful there.

Since he numbed me repeatedly, he said my left jaw would be sore. I was told to eat solids as soon as possible then clean my teeth. I have medicated mouthwash. I also use salt water to rinse.

Yesterday evening was a bear! I was so anxious about the appointment. In order to help manage the anxiety I decided to make raw / primitive dreadlock beads.

I took two colors of sculpy polymer clay and rolled them together in my sculpy roller machine I got many years ago. I kept looking at the texture and when I was satisfied I rolled out beads. I later added some blue and green hues.

I wanted to see if I can make a ring so I have this thumb bead situation. I think I may adjust the hole in the middle to the shape of a small heart.

Incidentally, my favorite bead is the one to the right with yellow as it’s primary color. I really like how that turned out.

I’m in bed right now which is exactly where I should be. The pain meds have me a little loopy.

My appetite is very healthy bc of fitting in low dose Delta-8 about an hour after I got home. This was truly the easiest dental surgery I’ve ever gone to. My teeth on the left side are gone but I’m still hungry as all get out.

Until soon,


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