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Sketchbook #3 – Mindscapes in Pencil and Watercolor

These are recent entries in my personal sketchbook. They’re mindscapes – an artists version of a CAT scan. I’ve done my best to toss out the notion that I must create something beautiful. I have to stop feeling as if I must please viewers with a masterpiece or outdo myself. I have to stop thinking […]

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Adopted Art: Jane’s Flowers Bloom

As you know, art without a wall of its own is sad, but today “Jane’s Flowers Bloom” was adopted. To celebrate this momentous occasion is the legendary Phil Collins singing, “In the Mail Tonight”. Art Title:  Jane’s Flowers Bloom Art by:  Faith Magdalene Austin Media:  Colored pencil, ink, card stock Size:  4 x 7 inches […]

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Paint Sketch and Alter

“She dreams of flowers” “Her fullest potential” “The Girl” in apostrophe earrings.

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The Dinosaur Opera

I must post and run. I can’t even tell you how sleepy I am. However, I would like to introduce to you a revamped art piece that is now to my satisfaction. I call it The Dinosaur Opera. In this prehistoric opera house you will see birds of prey, silhouette figures and mad color. Don’t […]

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Three of Diamonds and Ink on Paper

About: There are three main faces in this abstract art piece. As the painting unfolds with diamonds, checker boards, stripes and squares, two small figures stand firm with their backs to one another. Details: There are plenty of details. Swirls bump into squares and triangles, circles join checkers and faces hide themselves in it all. […]

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Becoming Me – Lullaby Collection

It is common for me to blast color on paper, edge to edge with twisting and twirling images. Sometimes though, I paint art for children. The showcase piece today is called “Becoming Me”. Two other pieces are included in this entry as children’s art.

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The Hide and A Little While Longer

I look at the drawing called “The Hide” and question how much I should reveal concerning it’s symbolism. I’m sure if viewed long enough it will interpret itself without me or anyone else having uttered a word. However, if one word were to wrap up how I felt as the ink crossed on paper, that […]

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She waited as long as she could

Art details:  Orange rays and white beams meet in the red sky. Down the middle grows an old oak tree where two red birds (cardinals) and a raven swirl between the branches above a solid white figure. From the figure extends points of light. Her hands reach up to the branches and grow into them. Two […]

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Ariel knew it would rain

Caught in the rain, little Ariel walks home without an umbrella. Through thick woods she walks and walks until a tiny sprout pops up right on her head. A few steps more and pop, pop, pop, sprouts appear all the more until finally she becomes part of the scenery. Art Title: Ariel knew it would […]