il_570xN.790567381_6p5vI look at the drawing called “The Hide” and question how much I should reveal concerning it’s symbolism. I’m sure if viewed long enough it will interpret itself without me or anyone else having uttered a word. However, if one word were to wrap up how I felt as the ink crossed on paper, that word would be vulnerable. Vulnerable is the dominant emotion felt when I display art that expresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

My heart sinks with each intricate line that builds a fortress from the inside out. Figure after figure emerges with each level of lines. Though the staircase would appear to lead down to the central black figure, in my mind it leads up. The figure is in a fortress of her own making, and that fortress is….. I’m not sure how to end the sentence.

The illustration is moody, the purpose of creating it is something I have in common with millions of other survivors of abuse.

Title: The Hide
Art By: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink, heavy paper, 4×7 inches, mounted on black board

I added the piece called “A Little While Longer ” to this entry because of the parallel principal, survival. The il_570xN.759981797_dna7first artwork is about pain caused by someone, the second is pain resulting from something.

Waiting two weeks for treatment to ease the pain of accumulative illnesses was nothing short of grueling. To keep from losing my mind, I sketched around the clock. It was a helpless feeling. It was as if I had no choice but to take wave after wave of mind crippling pain. As lightly illustrated, there sits a white figure balanced on a pole held by a fading white figure. The figure on the pole has no arms which removes a large part of his ability to help himself. I truly felt abandoned to this illness with no way to defend myself….. except with ink and paper.


Title: A Little While Longer
Medium: Colored pencil, ink, heavy paper, signed, dated, sealed, mounted
Size: 5 x 7
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin

Both art pieces are ready to be shipped and are available via PayPal or Etsy.


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