It’s a difficult time right now. Stress is high enough that my body is killing me. Stress is high enough that I’ve trusted too much due to mental exhaustion.

I went running from the building bc I thought it was going to blow up. I thought God sent me a message telling me to get up and leave everything behind and flee. So I did. Only trouble was, it was late, late like 3 or 4 am.

I was rolling down the dark street away from the building bc I thought it was going to blow up but then in my head this line of reasoning came over me: If you trust Jehovah then you know he wouldn’t put you in danger. Go home. It was then I saw the guy bounce from the bushes towards me. I took off in my wheelchair screaming, trying to drive straight. I got to the porch and called “my brother” who is as exhausted and I.

never before have I thought I had a premonition so strong or felt it was from God. It was a strange thing. It’s never happened before.

I have talked until I’m blue in the face. It’s like a huge puzzle and I hate puzzles.

I don’t know what the next step is. I have hope though and that’s what I’ll keep in mind.

– Sundrip –

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