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Tea and Peace

I’ve had a few quiet days at home alone because my regular CNA is out. It’s been peaceful. I hate to use words like peaceful then mention small moments with tea concerning my life, at the same time as the news reports more than 50 people have been murdered by a gunman in New Zealand. […]

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When the alarm sounds

Keep talking. Write anything. Shortly before my 6:30 alarm goes off I’ve had a minute to myself. I’ve stolen it from internet time, texting, phone conversations and world events. It’s a moment to recharge and get ready for the 6:30 alarm clock and the few tasks that follow. I let the alarm continue until it […]

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Damage Control and Tea Time

I’m behind on everything. Today I need to complete some reading and write a few things up. I also need to clean my studio area so I can start a painting that is now 10 days behind schedule. The good thing is, I know what I’m painting. There’s no need to stress over it. I’m […]

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TR: Jane. Pain. Alternative Medicine

We talked about the grieving process. I haven’t been emotional in front of people, which may make me seem cold to her passing. It’s been more private and I’m certain it’ll stay that way. I’m running, that’s for sure. I need distractions; I have them. One distraction is the mean streak of Betty. I could […]

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Home Remedies with Black Tea. Heal DIY

As you read through these DIY tips to relieve ailments and conditions with basic back tea, you will see a common thread. **The following are ideas found on the internet. They are not medical recommendations** Research suggests black tea bags should be wet and used warm for 10 to 15 min , 4 to 5 […]

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Overload. Finding Tea.

I’m anxious and keep running from myself. Jane is having a much better day. She ate twice and kept it down. I’ve held her twice and carried her around once as she laid on my shoulder. I’ve moved my laptop and a few handy art supplies out here to the living room where Janie has […]

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Lupus and edema. Dignity in life. Finding light.

10 pm My right leg is still swollen but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did yesterday. I’m still wearing compression socks. I fell asleep shortly after writing my last entry. I’ve been sleeping for a very, very long time, all day and night. I got up to use the restroom. I got […]

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High Anxiety Art – The Embarrassed Patient

The problem is that I’m embarrassed. Today will be my firs session with Dr. D after his vacation and after my closest support system has returned from Ohio. I took 2 milligrams of Klonopin about an hour ago. I think it laughed at me. I’m going to talk to Dr. D about being fired by […]

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Tiny Snail an Dental Saga

I arrived at the dentist office and had two teeth ripped out of my face. Right now I have a headache behind my right eye and in my jaw, the same headache that brings me to tears and that isn’t touched by 10-325 Vicodin. I’ve put cold packs on and have laid in the dark. […]

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Poison Oak and the Dental Saga

The highlight of my week has been to getting poison oak. I’m not upset about it, not really. I’ve got it on my neck and under my chin as well as on my right hand. I’ve been doing alcohol rinses and so it should calm down pretty soon. I was outside looking for a garden […]