Wish Falls Water Spring fma

Well, well, well. This is easier than I thought it would be and a lot more fun now that I’m really into it. At first I really struggled and stressed over the idea of pure abstract work. One has to let go, be free to do abstract. They have to let go of everything being in line and perfectly crafted with a big meaning behind it. I do that. I fill pages from edge to edge with details upon details. For me these paintings are ones where I’m holding on to control very tightly. It looks like organized chaos or as I like to say, chaos in color. The truth is, these works of art are so filled with images that I am bound to the painting, even obsessed at times. I love it, don’t get me wrong but there is a lot of holding on to control. With the abstracts I’m learning to let go a little. That’s the whole point of the 10 piece challenge, let go, don’t try to stay in control all of the time. It’ll kill ya, I swear it will.

Now, on to the painting. This piece, created with tea, sawdust and clay is acrylic and acrylic mediums on paper. This denominational painting is both hopeful and melancholy. If you’re the type of art collector that appreciates a piece where you can ‘see’ different images in it then you’ll really like this midnight blue, orange and cream painting. I’ve turned it horizontally with the white winged figure facing right. In that position I see soooo many different things. Mermaid, turtle, sea bird. On a spiritual and appreciative level I see earth on one side and the sky on the other. There’s a man in awe of the heavens opening up. He is on the far right on a hill of blue and green. He’s a creamy white figure that is nearly a silhouette. He has his arms stretched out and is bowing in awe of the sights.

The fun thing about abstract paintings is you can turn them however you like. I’m really having fun with this challenge. I can’t believe this is number seven.

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One thought on “Wish Falls Abstract Painting #7

  1. I paint totally abstract art and I believe that some things should be left to the imagination. This painting can be described in different ways. At first, I saw it as a galaxy with various cosmic displays. Someone else could describe it as vast wasteland with hills and cliffs all round. I’m so much in love with art.

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