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Wish Falls Abstract Painting #7

Well, well, well. This is easier than I thought it would be and a lot more fun now that I’m really into it. At first I really struggled and stressed over the idea of pure abstract work. One has to let go, be free to do abstract. They have to let go of everything being […]

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Thunderstorm on paper

In addition to the emotional process of creating this painting, there is a storm of art mediums. I do enjoy experimenting with different types of media. In this 6 x 9 painting on paper, I’ve mixed acrylic with sawdust and sand. There is also ink and gel with a final matte acrylic seal. If you […]

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Joyful Garden – A Saga

I struggled with her. I couldn’t get the composition to sing, so I put the painting up and let it rest. Nearly a month later I took it out again and saw what it needed. I needed fresh eyes and a little boost, which inadvertently came from a fun conversation on Facebook. Note in the […]

ART GALLERY Art therapy Faces Flowers Originals Paintings PTSD Women Women of Strength

Let Her Fly

This piece was created in one night. I took the paper that already had sawdust prepped on it and I began adding shapes and colors.  My goal was to manage some heavy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms I was having. I thought to myself, I want to go to sleep, but I can’t. I just […]