Let Her Fly This piece was created in one night. I took the paper that already had sawdust prepped on it and I began adding shapes and colors.  My goal was to manage some heavy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms I was having.

I thought to myself, I want to go to sleep, but I can’t. I just kept painting. Painting what? At first I didn’t know but as I focused I knew I wanted a woman in a thick field of flowers with her hair wild in the breeze. I kept painting. Her face was divided, half gold, half multi-colored. Her eyes look up or roll up to the sky. Black birds flutter in some areas but soar in others. Their wings are out strong and high, no hesitation, no fear of flying. There are 8 black birds in all. They’re in the sky, her hair, on her white chest and in the flowers below.

Her forehead is red, yellow and orange with a white spark of a flame between the brow.

She walks through a field of purple, pink and yellow flowers painted of over sawdust. This added dimension gives power to the flowers which represent the difficulty of why I was awake for so long. She is surrounded by issues of the past. She is all but overtaken, yet she is not.

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My favorite part of the painting is the daisy-sunflower. I like it because of the aqua blue, vivid green, cobalt blue and purple wash around it. I like the way those colors mixed. I’m interested in exactly what I was trying to convey with her throat area. I will not even attempt to explain it because I’m not sure why, but I like it. The third part of the painting that stands out for me is the four black birds in the sky. I like how the sky turned out. I like the moodiness of it and the depth added to it by the sawdust.

I was exhausted when this painting was completed but I’m pleased with it.

Art title: Let Her Fly  SOLD
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin

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