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Hugging Dreams. Wheelchair Companions.

For several nights in a row I’ve had a dream about getting hugs from some beautiful black man. I know, right! The thing is, since I haven’t had a real hug since March the dream hugs have been nice and healing. In one dream he hugged me and held on. It was great and so […]

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Menopausal Symptoms : Cravings and Sleep

I felt guilt and shame before I was armed with knowledge concerning menopausal cravings for sugar and estrogen related weight gain. I thought I had some sort of eating disorder. I thought I somehow ate myself to this size, but how? I mean, yes, I was putting away a lot of sweet foods but not […]

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Wild Things

Title: Wild ThingsArt by: Faith Magdalene AustinMedium: Acrylic collage on heavy cardstockSize: 9×12 inches, Finish: Sealed, signed, dated, unmountedStyle: Collage, Surreal, Abstract Figurative, raw Art details: Cut outs of my own art have been arranged to create “Wild Things.” Sunflowers, koi fish, African faces, Asian faces and more have been mixed together in a wild collage. […]

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Desperate Heart

My heart is no longer as desperate as in my youth. I’m not willing to trade everything for a partner. I had a long conversation with the new CNA about marrying a man I really didn’t know because my heart was so desperate to be loved. I told her because it was important information to […]

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Interview with Myself

I need a blog entry so I’ve decided to interview myself. The questions and answers are off the top of my head. I’ll do 5 questions. Question: Faith, what have you done this week to improve your quality of life? Answer: Wow. That’s tough. Off the top of my head I’d say I have worked […]

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The Hemoglobin Nightmare

I asked the physical therapist how I’ll learn to walk if I can’t feel my legs. He said I’d be taught to walk in front of a mirror so I can see my legs and make the mental connection to move them. He went all over the legs and said the correct muscles work and […]

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Pulmonary Embolism and active blood clots

I’ve been in ICU for 7 days now. Hard time. Pulmonary Embolism and active blood clots, plural, in both legs. Painful. Can’t walk or feel a large portion of my legs. I’ll be in the hospital for a bit over all. Clyde is doing very well, much better than expected. He’s not just stable but […]

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I’m no longer sleeping the way I was and the med side effects are starting to get better. I got what I asked for, a reprieve from menopausal symptoms while managing shingles. I should see a start up of symptoms in the next few days but I did get almost two weeks of relief that […]

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Therapy Review: Hard Choices and Boundaries with Family

Dr. D and I discussed a situation with my sister that came up that required I stick to my boundaries, as hard as it is to do. Despite my mother having gainful employment, we spent a lot of time living in the car. I have slept with frost over me, slept on the wet street […]

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#Metoo and You Should Too

After reading an entry about generations who didn’t understand that they had been victimized, I was reminded of an old poem. Though not my best writing, it describes the ‘good old days’ when people didn’t rock the boat, they just accepted their circumstances, their community guidelines and gender roles. And some didn’t realize they were […]