Cut in StoneA friend of mine, now gone, once said: “The most beautiful things come from the most foul manure.” I hope he’s right. I hope to one day grow past what is ugly into not just beauty but peace.

As stated in my bio, I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as Multiple Personality Disorder. There are times when my mind races and is filled with flashbacks from times unsafe. I want to run from my own head. I panic. I call a friend and then I take to a few more coping skills such as painting. 

The painting called Cut In Stone was created with my fingers using only oil pastels. I painted until my mind was rested.

Tuesday evening, everything I learned in therapy was put into practice. Yes, I had flashbacks and yes I panicked but I also did all the positive things to help myself through that hard time. The result of positive actions is a Cut in Stone, an 8.5 x 10 inch original finger painting created in oil pastel.

About the painting: Colors smear to create a face with an expression that is intense. Her eyes are dark, lips full, face rounded, brow down. I think what I like most about the painting is how the colors smear together. I used cobalt blue, red, vibrant green as well as peach. While these are not my standard bright pallet they do mix well and set the tone for moody yet interesting piece of artwork.

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Faith M. Austin

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