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Enduring the Days

The last few days have been torture. I hurt from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. The amputation site is having an electric storm of shock and neuropathy. It’s been a bad few days and I’ve done very little reaching out. I’ve just been waiting for medication time! The foot […]

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The Brave Face

I’m not brave. I’m not. I’m not rolling with the punches, I’m just getting punched. As I said, I’ve walked through the fire and I’m all burned up. I’m skinny, starving for a moment of real rest, of relief.

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Rise Bright watercolor and colored pencil. 8.5 x 5.5 inches 98lb paper This is what hope looks like. It’s hands raised and face to the sun. Flowers in full bloom and shoulders light. Faith Austin Sundrip

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A Mother’s Knowledge – The Menopause Talk

If ever I needed to hear a mother’s wise voice it’s now. For many women, we don’t have the option of calling mom to ask midlife questions. We end up spinning out here, losing our minds, not understanding that there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on. I have laughed at older women and thought […]

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By Virtue of Him

Let her keep looking toward the light that shines before her. She will be imparted power by virtue of Him. Art Title: “By Virtue of Him” Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Size: 6.5 x 4.5 Media: Acrylic on cardstock The small painting shows a young woman with her back to the dark and her body […]

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“The Last Laugh” Paintings

I was thrilled to see that two of my art pieces got a new home today, one of which is from a Jester series called “The Last Laugh”. The series illustrates the role I was cast to play while growing up. A Jester or clown puts on a false face, parades around and makes a […]

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Emotional Response from Customer

Today I sold the painting “Wait for Me – Let there always be hope”. When the individual saw her painting she was moved because she’s going through a lot right now. This is the moment artists love, we eat it up. As artists we put our very lives on canvas and hang it out for […]

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Therapy Review: Anger Management. Patient Care.

4:08 pm EST Notes: I feel like a live wire. I don’t know how to throw the breaker switch. In session we went over quite a bit of art. He noted a clear distinction between my art, Jordan’s art and Emery’s art. We talked about feeling angry and how we don’t want others to feel […]

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Thoughts on Tea for Christopher

Well, that was heavy. I felt relieved after writing that story. Reading over it I’m able to see how close I stuck to reality. I’ll put this to bed after I process why I said there’s a reflection of me in each character in the story Tea for Christopher. Content: Physical abuse of a young child. […]

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My beloved theme is BACK!!!

I HATED those other themes. They weren’t me at all. I couldn’t stand it, but Twenty Twelve is back. Lets hope things go better this time. I so missed you Twenty Twelve. I don’t like change that much. This theme fits my needs. I like it and don’t want to give it up. You may […]