Crystal - Let the Mountains Shake
Crystal : Let the Mountain’s Shake

I HATED those other themes. They weren’t me at all. I couldn’t stand it, but Twenty Twelve is back. Lets hope things go better this time. I so missed you Twenty Twelve. I don’t like change that much. This theme fits my needs. I like it and don’t want to give it up.

You may still have to come to my site to leave comments because the comment option may not appear on the WP feed. Just know you are always welcome to the webpage.

Now I can stop obsessing over this site. The comments on the WP feed may not get fixed. I have no idea how to do it and my web mistress isn’t available right now. Shoot. I was starting to wonder if it’s even worth going all out to get a nice theme and arrange it. If people basically read from WP then they can’t see updates to pages or that there’s new information on the sidebar. I’ll still update it though.

I have a full month’s worth of entries on the sidebar which should make it easier for me to check my mood over the course of 31 days. I can look back for progress or patterns. I know there’s an archive but for me it’s easier to look at titles in a row. I added a few art quotes on my sidebar.

Sundrip logo FinalI am pleased to say that I’m working on business cards and finalizing my logo. I always thought a sunflower would be in my logo but it’s not looking that way.  I can’t get past the texture and the colors on this. I had no idea at the time that this painting would mean so much to me. As a matter of fact I took her out of the shop so as not to sell my logo piece. lol. But there’s anther piece I’ve got that has a sunflower that I really, really like. I think it may show up on the site from time to time. My logo is a sun painted from a piece called Crystal : Let the Mountain’s Shake. She’s at the top of this entry.

Sunflower Logo Sundrip

This is the sunflower that will pop up from time to time. I sold this art piece but fortunately I own the copyright. lol. I like the free feeling of this sunflower. It’s softer than what i usually paint and I think it says what I want it to say in an icon type art piece. I don’t have a finalized way of displaying it though. I do know I want the background to be lighter. Sooo, I’m working on the goals set this year, one of which was to get a logo another to create business cards.

It’s almost 3 am. I’m going to have another cup of tea and go to sleep. Tomorrow a friend is coming for tea and German Chocolate Cake. 🙂

Faith M. Austin

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