She Flows -SOLD
She Flows -SOLD

I sold a painting that I figured would never, ever sell. What’s cool about this painting is that it may not be for everyone but I know the reason I created her. When I see her I think of a well rooted woman, fierce, natural and strong. Before putting her in the room divider with art, I had her in a wood frame with carvings on it. It seemed to fit her well. I’m happy she found a wall of her own. That’s very cool.

Moving from the art area to plants, I see my sweet potato plant is in need of a new pot. I like self watering systems because of how handicapped friendly they are. You can decide if the handicap is poor watering habits or Lupus, either way, it helps keep my plants alive longer when they sit above the water source.

My girl Jane decided it would be a good idea to sip from my Starbucks coffee. This means she slept 16 hours that day instead of 18. I couldn’t believe she just got up and started drinking from my cup. What on earth? Have you lost your mind? I could have sworn we had an agreement: stay away from my food.

Usually when I bring something in the house something else has to go but with the sale at Petco going on I’ve decided to break that rule. I really like the way the plant area is set up so when the new aquarium comes on Monday it’ll sit in a different spot. I’m staying with the Philodendron plant and a peace lily. Those plants grow crazy in a 20 gallon tall terrarium like the one I’m getting.

Steve Pickle and Guy Pickle

This is Steve and Guy Pickle huddling together after the fogging system went off. The rocks came from a pond here. The plants are easy to grow plants and are low maintenance in a terrarium setting. Flip-Flop Pickle isn’t in this photo. There are three frogs all together. Oh, and, since crickets were getting expensive I’ve been doing my best to get them to take earth worms from my compost pile. So far they’re fine with it. I’ll supplement with crickets but I’m not going to be able to shell out $10 or more a month for crickets.

Pete the African Clawed Frog is well and big! I love that boy! He’s rather shy but he enjoys his home. From time to time I buy him a feeder fish to eat but he chose not to eat the last one so I’ve got a problem. This feeder shouldn’t be in a 10 gallon tank. He was supposed to be eaten. He can stay. I know he’s not going to live the way he should but this current situation is better than being in the belly of a frog. My rational for keeping him is that if I took him for a 30 min drive back to the pet store in a bag of water, he’d end up in the tank for a bit then he’d have a trip to a turtle tank or something. He was supposed to be a tasty treat for Pete but he’s alive and kicking…swimming.


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