I feel in color.

Live Free. Create Well.

My Sisters Keeper
These paintings sometimes depict very strong emotions. They show chaos in color. They wrap it around trees, around people and objects, spin it in a vortex or by layer image upon image like sardines in a can. Emotions, sometimes too powerful for words are trusted to the paintbrush and canvas. There isn’t always pain and chaos, but there is always power and release.

For original art that is available for purchase please see my Etsy shop by clicking the link on the sidebar or right here. Sundrip on Etsy. When you see the name Redbubble under a painting it means that the original has been sold but prints are available in my Redbubble shop.

For available paintings please see my Etsy, also linked to on the sidebar.


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  1. I saw in my email box that you attempted to reach me by email several times. I apologize for the delay and have replied via email and on your website.

    Faith Magdalene Austin

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