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(shakes head) I had some older private entries show up that shouldn’t have. I’m having some site updates and hiccups. Sorry. Bear with me, please.

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Sundrip Black Friday Sale

Buy art on Black Friday Purchase via Etsy or PayPal. All contact information is on the sidebar. And, ya know I barter so check out my Amazon wish list on the sidebar to see the items I’ll barter art for. Faith

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Announcing 40% off items in my Etsy shop. Items are already marked down. Purchase your art on Etsy or through PayPal. Contact me with any questions. What will you see in the sale? Check these out. All art in the gallery below is available and looking for a wall of it’s own. International shipping […]

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Bible Art Journal. Creative Goals.

I struggle with the idea of covering up the best words ever written with my art but I love the ideas I see on Pinterest. I think adding art representing a specific scripture is a good way to mediate on that scripture. For instance, when the Bible talks about showing hospitality, I can think of […]

Anxiety The People Behind My Eyes

Mary Jane is my heart

Mary Jane Janie has better moments. She doesn’t spend every single solitary moment in the corner any longer, still, her prognosis is guarded.  I didn’t want to show photos of her lying down looking really bad, but this here shows her clean yet frail and very thin. She just finished sun bathing. I have some […]

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My beloved theme is BACK!!!

I HATED those other themes. They weren’t me at all. I couldn’t stand it, but Twenty Twelve is back. Lets hope things go better this time. I so missed you Twenty Twelve. I don’t like change that much. This theme fits my needs. I like it and don’t want to give it up. You may […]

Life is like a box of

Comments not showing up in WP feed

I’m working on getting my comments to show up in WP feed. I messed up the comment code for my other template. This is template is temporary and may change through the course of the day. IF YOU CAN SEE the comment section from the WP feed please leave a comment. Here’s the problem, on WP […]

Artists Thoughts

Copyright Revisited

Well, Facebook is going to close the account I’ve been using for quite some time because I won’t upload ID to them, however, I’ve had a second FB account since around 2015 that has been unused for months. I went ahead and transferred friends and groups to the 2015 account. Lets hope this is enough to satisfy […]


The crazy sale is one day away

paintings, broken clay, handmade flower pendant and items found in nature ONE DAY SALE – MaryJane16 45% off 1 item March 3rd 2017 or PayPal (read this really fast like on commercials when they’re giving you the fine print) * International sales included. If you are unable to participate on these sale dates and […]

Art Cats

Funds Obtained

I’m going to do a copy paste from my Facebook page. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed or purchased art. It’s appreciated. I tell ya, it came on time bc my girl is in pain and I can’t stand it. Man, it’s hard to watch her suffer. BTW – when there […]