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By Virtue of Him

Let her keep looking toward the light that shines before her. She will be imparted power by virtue of Him. Art Title: “By Virtue of Him” Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Size: 6.5 x 4.5 Media: Acrylic on cardstock The small painting shows a young woman with her back to the dark and her body […]

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Iesha – She who lives

In a village or town somewhat far from here lives a mother and father who work hard and feed their family with food sufficient for each day. They go about sweeping, sewing, mending and patching, etching out life. They scurry here and there, rushing this one, readjusting that one, forgetting another. In this village or […]

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Cut in Stone

A friend of mine, now gone, once said: “The most beautiful things come from the most foul manure.” I hope he’s right. I hope to one day grow past what is ugly into not just beauty but peace. As stated in my bio, I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as Multiple Personality Disorder. […]

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Dance of Dissonance

By 4 am I was exhausted. My head was tired, full of noise that made no sense. At my threshold I got up from bed and walked 10 feet to my studio, pulled out a piece of paper and began to paint. I removed some of the surface paper for texture, scratched paint with a […]

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She is the Wind

She is the Wind’ is primarily a finger painting. The blue hair and the hills as well as the larger parts of the tree were created with my fingers. Details were added with other tools. The large figure is searching for a part of herself that is missing. She and the warrior that blows in […]

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Its difficult for me to post art therapy pieces here but awhile ago I decided I would. It’s still had though. This piece is art expressing multiple personality disorder. It is a painting showing the need for one of the figures to feel pure or relieved of her burden. The painting shows all the movement, […]

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Minimalist Finger Painting

Title: Blue Rush Art by: Faith M. Austin Medium: Acrylic, 6×9 sketchbook art, raw, unsealed