Purify = SOLDIts difficult for me to post art therapy pieces here but awhile ago I decided I would. It’s still had though. This piece is art expressing multiple personality disorder. It is a painting showing the need for one of the figures to feel pure or relieved of her burden. The painting shows all the movement, the light, dark, play, rest and chaos inside my head.

In the painting called ‘Purify’ you’ll see hidden people, hidden faces and layer upon layer of color. Sprouting or perhaps bursting forth from the woman’s face is a large white flower. A body rests over her forehead and lays over her eye. The arm leads to the main figure in the middle who is almost in a state of mental rest. With her eyes closed it is as if she’s blocked out the worries of the world and taken a rest. The taller figure beside her is an odd little girl who wears another little girl in a red dress. She creates the Odd Girl’s eyes, nose and hair bow. There are faceless figures and one figure in a box. There are swirls, strikes, smearing and of course flowers.

Art title: Purify
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: I’ve used crayola crayon then used crayola markers over that. To give it even more texture I wash and smeared the crayola marker. Black ink, acrylic paint and white out have been used as well as a paint pen or two.
Size: 9 inches by 6 inches, acid free sketchbook paper, mounted on black board.

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