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Introducing my common garden snail pets aka Helix Aspersa.

Snails at home on spinach

I'm thrilled to death to have these snails and have set up a temporary home for them. Their new home should be here next week.

These adult snails are larger than a quarter and can live up to 5 years, however, one snail seems weak and isn't expected to make it. This will leave me with just one, but I'm okay with that. These snails can impregnate themselves which means I won't have one snail for long.

In the photograph the snails are eating baby spinach and salad greens. There's a tiny bit of apple as well as high calcium food for their shells. Unfortunately, the person who bred these snails didn't do a great job of it because the shells of these snails are in terrible shape. Despite the condition of the shell, one of them seems strong and active. As a matter of fact, I caught 'her' attached to the glass with her foot in the shape of a heart.

I heart you snail

Then she did it again.

I heart you snail 1

This led me to wonder what name I could give her that meant love? I came up with Amoretta which is Latin for "little love." There's one more much smaller land snail in there of unknown specification who goes by the name Michelle. I don't remember how she got that name but she got it before she became our Michelle's pet.

Michelle land snail Sundrip

If you know what type of snail Michelle and her two babies are, please feel free to leave a comment.

Whites Tree Frog baby, 8 or 9 months old

Though frogs and snails share an environment, I won't put these snails in my frog terrarium.  I believe a separate, closed ecosystem is best for them both.

The snails came through the mail from Greece, which I recently learned may have needed to be held by Customs. I didn't realize this. I now know better for the next time I purchase snails.

Even though the Helix Aspersa can be found in the United States, these specific ones are not from here so I will take care not to introduce them into the environment.

So they're here now and we intend to thoroughly enjoy them. I can tell you that my 12 year old is absolutely thrilled.

I wondered how long its been that I've had an interest in snails. It would appear it all started with a Japanese Trapdoor snail I got for free to put in my goldfish tank. This was 15 years ago and several aquatic snails later I'm still in love with them. Michelle the snail is one of my first land snails, so this is newer snail territory for me, but I will enjoy further learning about this wonderful creation.

Lastly, here's an update shot of Isaiah the Dragonscale Betta with the marbling gene that is causing him to change colors. The photos are from November 8th to December 8th, 2018.

You know, one of the good things about photographs is you can see things you missed with the naked eye. I didn't know Isaiah had a problem with his fins. Poor guy had fin rot which is being addressed. I don't know if this was in progress when I got him or what, however, it's being taken care of now and looks so much better.

Isaiah the dragon Betta fish sundrip-down3



Most of the time people assume the change of color in a Betta is negative, but in this case it's a marbling gene that causes the fish to change colors. November 8th when I purchased Isaiah, he was primarily white. I posted a photo of him back then showing at much.

Nov 8th
Isaiah the dragon Betta fish

Here is Isaiah November 23rd with his changing genes. I think it's cool.
Isaiah Betta Fish Changing Colors

While a change in color of your Betta may be an indication of ill health, older age or water difficulties, sometimes it's simply genetics.
Isaiah Betta Fish Changing Colors 1

It's also noteworthy that when the fish is in the store it's a lot more stressed and not fed well and in a tiny bit of water. Once you bring home your Betta and give it proper care, the true colors will begin to shine.



Lentil is just a few months old but he's pretty aggressive when it comes to hunting. Today's photos were taken just as crickets were added to the terrarium home.

lentil on a rock

I'm able to tell the difference between the frogs by their markings. Lentil is the only frog so far with a spot on both arms in about the same spot.

lentil on moss

Other Lentil moments.



I've been tickled all day that a new leaf on my single leaf Pathos is growing. 🙂 This plant is special because its the only Pathos that made it from the old apartment. The other plants are gone except a friend saved a tiny, itty bitty little plant. Having it feels like a little piece of the old life was saved, ya know?

joy of pathos
Wrigley watches with sleepy eyes.
Whites Tree Frog Sundrip
...continue reading "Watch it Grow"

Dr. D and I discussed the recent firing of my new CNA. I fired her for several reasons and fired the company, too.

My insurance covers a CNA that can take me to the store and to doctor appointments. It turns out this CNA was driving me around w/o a drivers license or insurance. I called the company and they shocked the crap out of me when they said they hire people to drive even when they have only a hardship license. This girl had that when she was hired but let it drop because she couldn't pay for it. Still she took me to the store! When I called the company with my concerns the CNA decided to call me and curse me out!!! Obviously she can't return to my home after that. ...continue reading "Therapy Review: Lowered Expectations and Less Stress"


(sigh) I saw The Surgeon for the last time yesterday afternoon. I didn't expect him to hug me but I'm glad he did. I gave him his painting and as expected, I cried at the end. As a matter of fact I got in the car, went to the store, purchased 4 pints of ice cream and a dozen donuts to sooth those tears. Strawberry and Death by Chocolate seemed like good band-aides. I ate a few of the donuts but left the ice cream lot untouched in the freezer.......This is all so painfully unnatural.

I have a hard time letting go of him right now so I was given 3 spider plant starts from his office. How cool is that? His office is the one who gave me the push to set up my 3 gallon Betta 'bowl'. They've got a set up on each desk when you first walk in that are gorgeous. I so want to do a second Betta set up. Anyway.... ...continue reading "Surgeon. CNA. Spoiled Me."


Awwww, baby froggies.

It's going to be fun watching these little guys grow up. There are actually 4 babies now. I adopted a little guy who was on his own and not being cared for.

These are Australian Tree frogs with a life expectancy of about 15 years. They'll get between 4.5 and 5.5 inches. They eat anything moving, including smaller frogs and pinky mice.

This is Lentil, my Australian Tree Frog.

Australian Tree Frog. White's Tree Frog. Dumpy Frog. This morning I woke to find three beautiful mushrooms in Lentil's terrarium. The mushrooms grew out of a patch of orange moss that grows along side driftwood stationed close to the watering hole.

Mushrooms in orange moss.Although these frogs will tolerate being held, it's not suggested you do so. I hardly ever hold him unless needed. Today was deep cleaning day so I had to take him out which meant photo time. ...continue reading "A Frog named Lentil"

Clyde is needy, so am I. He too jumps at the slightest noise.  Even though he's anxious, he's protective of me.

He knows what it means when alarms go off 4 times a day. Two of those times he's going to eat, which he loves to do.

He's such a good boy, gentle yet playful and easy to please. I can't believe how much he loves tennis balls. In this photo he's looking all sad and pitiful bc we weren't playing ball in the rain. Lol He was happy inside the house when I unwrapped his new chew bone. 🙂

I'm typing in bed, half asleep, with Clyde laying on my legs. This is truly appreciated. It helps physically and emotionally. ...continue reading "Dog and Frog"

There's something about having another living thing making noise that helps me feel less alone. Skip to 20 seconds for the start. His big performance is at 55 seconds. This is what Clyde does while doing his service dog duties of laying on my legs to help with the pain. He falls asleep and snores. Gotta love it.

There was one night when he snored so loudly that he woke me. I was groggy from medication and not clear who was snoring. I had to talk to myself to bring me back to 2017 where I do not sleep in a room with my sister. Usually his snoring doesn't trigger it, it makes me feel safe but some of the content of my therapy session concerning abuse got mixed up in current reality and grog. ...continue reading "Snoring. Dreaming of Flashbacks. Losing Mary Jane."

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