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The Resilience Tree
Resilience Tree

Resilience Tree - Beginnings
Resilience Tree - Beginnings

Resilience Tree - Risen
Resilience Tree -Risen

We have not seen the last of the Resilience Trees. Next year's creative goals includes a tree a day. I look forward to starting January 1st in a special book just for trees 🙂

Original art by Faith Magdalene Austin is available through PayPal or Etsy. All contact information is on the sidebar. Thank you for visiting Sundrip.


il_570xN.790567381_6p5vI look at the drawing called "The Hide" and question how much I should reveal concerning it's symbolism. I'm sure if viewed long enough it will interpret itself without me or anyone else having uttered a word. However, if one word were to wrap up how I felt as the ink crossed on paper, that word would be vulnerable. Vulnerable is the dominant emotion felt when I display art that expresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

My heart sinks with each intricate line that builds a fortress from the inside out. Figure after figure emerges with each level of lines. Though the staircase would appear to lead down to the central black figure, in my mind it leads up. The figure is in a fortress of her own making, and that fortress is..... I'm not sure how to end the sentence.

...continue reading "The Hide and A Little While Longer"

What Remains fmaWhen I painted this piece I wasn't necessarily thinking about natural disasters such as a hurricane, tsunami or an earthquake. I was thinking of the disasters of the mind. I was thinking about events that leave us feeling crippled and isolated.

What Remains is a painting with many brush strokes, strikes with a toothpick and with black ink. Everywhere you look there is something filling the space. It's full, overwhelming the canvas with flowing color, splashing contrast and texture that digs at the heart of the matter.

...continue reading "What Remains – Surrealism and Recovery"

Nala fmaArt Title: Nala
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic, ink, acrylic seal
11 x 14 Artist Board

I knew when I began this painting that I wanted a young girl to sit on the water's edge with koi coming to meet her. I wanted a lot of texture with small details. To increase texture I added sand to her mahogany - rust colored pants. Her blouse is layer after layer of white paint and butter cream acrylic paint. This affect came together nicely to form a tunic top. ...continue reading "Nala Original Art"

Glow by fma

The faceless figure with the yellow shirt walks down a path of glowing red earth with gold, turquoise, midnight blue and green at his feet. The path he leaves behind is black but it is not void. It shares gold mist that holds the red moon electrified with white energy. ...continue reading "Glow"

The Stream Carried Wonderment and JoyThis painting is on of the very first collages I've created and thought good enough to post. The tall, elongated woman with her face divided by cream and blue stands with her eyes closed taking in everything. The secure and at peace woman stands with her feet in the stream and allows joy and wonderment into her life. There is no struggle, no working against the tide. She takes it all in and is entirely in the moment.

Her hair is adorned with flowers. Her dress is yellow at the top with two butterfly cut outs. The butterfly details also appear at the side of her skirt. The remaining cut outs are small flowers made from hand dyed coffee filter cut outs. Food coloring was used to stain the coffee filter cut outs. The painting has been sealed with a matte acrylic seal.  ...continue reading "The Stream Carried Wonderment and Joy"

Sunflowers Bless My Home fmaSunflowers Bless My Home was super fun. She's bright and beautiful, dreamy and just fun! A young girl stands with her arm out stretched with a large sunflower winding around her arm until it comes to an arch over the house of music. Green leaves touch the deep blue and purple sky. The white moon shares the purple and blue.

You can see the young woman with black hair in the red dress, breath the night air in as she stands in the grass by the rocky walkway home. It is a magical, fantasy and cheerful collage that would do well in any home or business office such as children's dentistry or the bedroom of your young child whose imagination will be indulged. ...continue reading "Sunflowers Bless My Home"

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