By 4 am I was exhausted. My head was tired, full of noise that made no sense. At my threshold I got up from bed and walked 10 feet to my studio, pulled out a piece of paper and began to paint. I removed some of the surface paper for texture, scratched paint with a toothpick and smeared paint with all my fingers until finally the noise ceased. 

In the painting you’ll see a face outlined in black – eyes, nose, lips. While the face is hot with red and orange, the dreadlocks hang in blue and black. On the outskirts, into the white is yellow and the tiniest flicker of green. 

Dance of Dissonance is an 8.5 x 6.6 inch original acrylic painting on heavy board. The painting is abstract in form with primary colors making the true emotion of it raw. The eyes are closed, lips placed one on top of the other in no particular expression. The face is tilted up as if listening for silence and peace. Hair hangs low and free, the air is heavy. 

Dance of Dissonance FMA

Art Title: Dance of Dissonance
Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin
Medium: Acrylic on heavy board
This is painting #4 of 10 in the abstract painting series.

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