I was on a kick with trees. This is the 3rd of 4 trees first created with tea stains then colored in.

white tree blue sky fma

What I like about this tree is the way the bare white stands off the blue back drop. I also like the gradient of red, yellow and orange which is divided rather abruptly by the white bark.  Tiny details can be seen here and there. There are small white flowers, tiny blades of grass, shadows, textures and depth.

I enjoyed my ‘tree trip’. Who knows why one gets on a tangent when it comes to painting or writing, but we do.

Here is one interesting thing I learned about tree symbols. I’ve read that trees stand for the body, the soul or an individual. I’ve read that they symbolize governments, too. Everyone is familiar with strength associated with trees or being deeply rooted. But I understand  that a tree primarily symbolizes life, not just any life but a peaceful and productive, bloom filled life.

Here are the other tress in the collection.

Tea Tree  . Colors  - SOLD  . night time tree sketch. 

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