Sage - On Her Throne

At 27 inches in length, head to feet, Sage makes quite a statement.

Sage is a 100% handmade African-American rag doll, art doll. Her face is hand painted, her hair sewn in piece by piece. She can wear her hair down in dreadlocks or up in a headdress.  The Queen’s inner layered garment is a dusty lavender polyester. Her outer flowing floral garment is sheer rayon of lavender, cream and sage. The flowers in her hands are real lavender that were dried then painted. Sage wears a pendant and gemstone around her neck.

Not only is she hand stitched and hand painted, but her clothing is handmade as well. I also made the pendant she’s wearing and painted the flowers she’s holding.

This is the first doll I’ve ever created with dreadlocks. It was so fun. I created each dreadlock from soft, brushed yarn. They were then sewn in one at a time. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.

If you would be interested in giving Sage a home please use the Etsy link provided on the sidebar. If Etsy isn’t an option for you I accept PayPal.

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Faith Austin

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