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The Pointless ER Visit

Well then, I guess even the ER is refusing real pain therapies to people with documented Lupus and Chronic Regional Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRSD). I showed up at a sustained level 9 pain with my foot and leg messed up only to be given a line of crap and some Tylenol. Uh huh, Tylenol! I cried. […]


Darn Foot

It’s been awhile since I had more than pain going on with the foot. Last night I hurt so badly I sure thought I was going to the hospital! The difficulty is that it is swollen 3x it’s normal size and is split open. It hurts more than I can say and yet the doctor […]

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Annette the African American Bag Holder Rag Doll

I’m happy to have finished her. It feels really good. Here she is in her handmade dress which is upcycled from a handmade Indian blouse with beautiful beaded details in red, gold and blue. Annette is approximately 35 inches long. Her hair is made of beautiful, textured yarn that looks great in a ponytail or […]

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What If. Art Thoughts.

All ‘what if’ roads lead to nowhere. I got to thinking, what if I get this art table but I still don’t paint? Then of course my head took off, so I decided to sit in my wheelchair at the dinner table and paint a ‘what if’ road map. What if I struggle with the […]

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Table Trouble

Dr D and I again discussed my inability to paint. It pains me that I feel incapable of it. I still don’t trust the same though I’m getting better. But I also realized that I don’t have the same amount of alone time I once had before everything fell apart. I needed alone time to […]

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Fun with friends

They came for tea and a meal of chicken with sides. They came to see the frogs, fish, snails and the cat. We had the best time, we really did. I need to let myself be ok with the good time. Don’t think of what I could have done differently or let my brain beat […]

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You don’t look sick

I get that a lot. As a matter of fact, the new CNA, the one I like quite a bit, said I look like I could get out of the chair and start walking. She said I look perfectly healthy. I’m beginning to be ok with such nonsense. I can’t get upset with people for […]

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Music and Emotional Spoons

I hardly ever do this anymore. It’s been months since I turned on music for myself. Music is emotional for me, anxiety provoking. I feel so deeply with it that it’s often uncomfortable. But this time I turned it on, lay on the bed and took it all in. I don’t know. It seems significant […]

African-American Rag Doll Art Originals Rag Doll

Kitty. Frog. Doll.

It’s been so quiet at home. A few times I sat in the quiet feeling deep peace and satisfaction but other times I wanted to curl up in a ball having been overtaken by emotional pain. It seems life is at fifty – fifty right now. I’m still with the old CNA company because I’m […]


Thin skin

Thin skinned, if any skin at all. I really want to cry. I don’t get it. I guess I do in a way. The dolls can be controversial. Will I crumble each time a negative comment comes in or a negative emoji is placed beside a Black Folk Art doll? Am I really going to […]